Chem Imbalance Perma-Freeze

First character on new build, took Chem Imbalance, because lolrandom.

Seems to be a bit broken lolrandom, though, since one of the first effect I got was ‘feeling very cold’. No problem, there’s a winter coat in the basement of the shelter. Wearing winter coat. Simultaneously feeling cold and hot, getting penalties from both. Wat?

Now, I know that certain illnesses can actually make you sort of feel this way, but it seems to be more buggish than intended behaviour, since I’ve been stuck at Very Cold for a couple days, despite wearing heavy clothing.

What exactly are you wearing? It’s fully possible to have a hot torso due to the 3 different coats you are wearing, while having cold hands or head due to not wearing anything on them.

Though looking at the code it does seem like these temperature effects don’t seem to wear off, I’ll take a deeper look at it and see if I can find anything.

Many traits should be rebalanced. Animal empathy does nothing atm. and playing with chem imbalance is total death sentence.

Animal empathy does have an effect ATM. Basically it throws a -10 modifier onto any animal’s aggression as well as slightly boosting morale for animals that are non-hostile (making them potentially follow you around). The end result is that several “animals” that would attack you ignore you and a couple of animals (deer being a notable example) will ignore you instead of fleeing.

It probably could still use a small buff though.