Animal Empathy questions

So I was playing around with the different traits in the debug menu and I noticed the animal empathy seems to do nothing to prevent the wildlife from attacking like mad, and bears still kill me when I least expect it. Does it do anything? or am I just not noticing the effects it gives?

Any information would be welcome.

Animal empathy basically gives you a bigger “buffer” of safety area for animals, letting you piss them off a little bit without making them angry. Also there are quite a few animals (like giant wasps) that will now ignore you instead of following you around.

In my experience it basically means that the Ninja-Bears™ (and other assorted wildlife) won’t hunt you down when they see you standing a hundred feet away, but they still think you smell delicious so if they get close to where you’ve been, they’ll start tracking you anyways.

Yeah that’s what happened to me, I didn’t notice because the only time I pay any mind to the wildlife is when its right next to me.

On an unrelated note is there a spawn pool for wolf spiders and if there is one how big is it?

Spiders count as wildlife, there is thus no spawn pool. Better find a means of dealing with them early on than later.

Most basic reinforced clothes like trench coats should be able to repel most of their attacks and a high enough melee skill will mean you will usually oneshot them before they can do harm, but i would say tailorings worth investing time in.

Thanks for the tips everybody
I might surive long enough to get the deathmobile now

Oh, another thing is if your wearing 2 fitting under armor and a fitting trenchcoat you will have -1 on torso encumberence and i think you can have a messenger bag with that to keep the -1

Aslo take 2 fitting tank tops , so you can carry 2 messenger bags and a backpack.

Animal Empathy AND smelly:

I noted with only Animal Empathy animals come closer, but don’t attack necessarily, and with only Smelly they don’t seem to do much different from not having it.

Maybe the empathy bit should be changed to magnetism.

smelly trait makes ants and others who cant see smell your poop from further away.