Is there any way to transfer a character to a different world?

I was wondering if there was a way to transfer just the player data to a different world without having to just use the debug menu. It doesn’t sound all that possible but it would be nice if I could transfer an old player to a new map whenever an update comes around, instead of trying to get a new world to work which can be much messier.
I know you can transfer preset starting loadouts, but that only covers basic stats.
Could I make a new class in the starting classes files that would mimic my main character, like how mods can add new classes?

The game is backward compatible. You don’t need a new world to get new features (most of the time). Just move to unexplored overmap.

The “save” folder in the game directory contains all of your worlds and their data. Every character has a .sav file in the folder for the world they exist in. If I remember correctly, all you have to do is transfer over the .sav, which should have your entire inventory and skills and everything. I think there’s a similar way to move vehicles, but static bases are a lot harder. If you have more than a few characters, you’ll have to open the .sav files to identify the one you want. Keep in mind, you’ll be at the same coordinates as you were in the other world, and those coordinates could drop you in some nasty places, so copy and paste, don’t straight up move.

I checked the save files but i’m a bit at a loss of which .sav file is which, since they aren’t seemingly named by charecter name. How can I tell which save file is which without having to go through lines of text in the code?

You do have to go into the files, but they’re not bad. You can just hit ctrl+F to search for the name, or just look through it a little and you should find plenty of identifying information pretty quickly. Or you can always just move them all and select the right one when you load the world.


does characters and vehicles, and can also save a vehicle to transfer later

basically it replaces a character or vehicle in the new world with the one from the old world.

i use it for like… NewGame+? make the world harder, then move new character, and sometimes the vehicle I’ve built, to the nightmare world c: