Moving my character across versions and maps?

I was playing on the experimental build and have a character I really like. But I want to update to the stable version. Is there any way I can transfer just my character across? I’d prefer to keep the inventory too, but I won’t be too upset if I can’t, I just really don’t want to abandon this character.

Could try just moving your save folder to the newer version. It sometimes works.
As for moving just the character and not the map I have no idea, think they might be stuck together.

If you’re going from 0.8 to 0.9, you can just copy and paste your save folder. It will import the world and any characters you have, usually bug-free.

As for transferring a character without the map, Rivet helped me out with that earlier.

[quote=“Rivet, post:3, topic:4166”]It certainly is possible! It’s just not currently possible via the in-game UI.

Make sure you’ve got everything you want to bring with you on your character. Leave your artifacts behind; they’re stored in a separate file.

Save and exit the game.

Go into your game’s save/worldname folder and find a file with a name that looks like #Uml2ZXQ=.SAV and make a copy of it.

Generate a new world like normal.

Copy the .SAV file into the new world’s folder.

Start the game up and load the save file. Note that you won’t begin in a starting shelter, so you may find yourself someplace :bangbang:FUN​:bangbang: when you start out.[/quote]

Bear in mind that this was for moving a character between worlds on the same version, not between versions, but it might work for you if the world won’t import.

To move your save to a new version, you can use the method above or you can copy the entire save folder to your new version’s directory. Copying the whole save directory keeps the game world intact as well as the character, though in order to see new items that have been added in will require you to visit unexplored portions of your overmap or find them in the random loot that zombies leave behind.