Character describing what he sees and feels

I think it would be cool if the character we played would describe what he feels depending on what he/she felt or seen for example he walked near a town and gave a brief description based on sounds they might have heard like moans of the undead or approaching a building then describing it like "The apartment building looked abandoned but the sounds of the recently reanimated tenets cause the hairs on the back of your ne ck to stand up."
Or when.approaching a group of dead bodies “you gaze upon the corpses with horror and take a moment before searching for valuables.”

that would be awsome , but the descriptions shouldn’t interract with the character , like “You enter the dark labs , the cold air brings smells of terible past and that makes you hands grip tightly for your weapon , but it slips away and pierces your foot!”

I agree with woflsipder. It shouldnt it interact with the character. I think it should also be a configurable option, some people might think it would take a little bit of the imagination side away from the game.

That could be the non canibal character
Canibal character:
"You gaze on the Bodies and lick your lips, Dinner!

And it would sightly change your morale.

For places with weird environmental issues (Labs were planned to have Portal bleed-through effects, etc) this makes a certain amount of sense. I’d be cautious about using it too often as a) maybe this player/character would react Differently, b) having a line every time I head downstairs in my Lab home could get irksome.

That could be easily fixed by just displaying the message the first time you go somewhere.

And looking at mcrone’s post, maybe different traits could change how you react. I’d love to see how my schizo character reacts to everything beyond screaming.

Heh I want to see the optimist’s quotes to everything
"oh well there is a bunch of giant bugs everywhere and the world has ended…
But hey! not a care in the world!