Appearance option

i think a text only option to say the appearance of the character would be nice even if it just for rp reasons. i say text only so no changes to the game.


It would be nice to actually have a clear description of who are playing as. Even some simple stuff based on possible mutations would add a CRAP TON of immersion. Especially considering that in the majority of texture pacts, characters look the exact same naked unless they have already mutated something like leaves, horns, or tails.

Just something like β€œa well built man with blue eyes,” or β€œa small lithe woman with auburn hair,” would be awesome.

yeah i was mostly doing this with rps in mind so like you can pick a apperance and with item change it (like the options to cut hair over time hair grows so you could have long hair and could cut it over time.) like hair color eye color skin color height scars. mutations would affect this like elf-a or plant mutations would have long hair. size mutation would affect your height. stuff like this no real game play affect. and yes i would say the option for thing for like female cup size. just a simple lable to give more details of the character would also help make each character feel unique

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Maybe if you get regeneration or a lesser mutation, scars disappear. Large scars like burn scars or large slash scars from enemies need very quick healing.

But suhc options might disrupt how NPCS react to you if involved appearance options became a thing.

I think you could have to options to have an trait like accentuated secondary sexual characteristics (male characters could have things like defined abs or some.shit that woman/gay doods like ) or for famale character (basically any anime girl characteristics that isn’t in a Loli)

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