Changing vehicle owner

After reaching the refugee center i got some mission and i decided to complete the one that leads you to rural church, everything was fine, but after saving, the later on loading, my vehicle changed the owner from myself, to the “tacoma commune”

Is this bug already reported, is there a way to change the vehicle owner to being mine again?

Edit: after some driving the vehicle changed the owner to myself again, sadly all the items i had stored, are marked as if i were stealing the,

FIx on the way.


Just updated to 9638 and ran into the same problem. Fix eagerly awaited, dpwb. I think the captives in the military base aren’t going to like me when I rescue them now, since I have been “stealing” “their” stuff for a while now. The guys in the refugee center similarly despise me and want me dead because I had the temerity to step inside one of the buses outside the refugee center.

edit: lol never mind i’m dead
Apparently spiders and zombies don’t fight each other anymore. Who knew?

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