Changes to Sight

So its been quite some time since I had updated my game to the latest pull and wanted to know if any one knows with the new changes to the way the sight works where the map is shown but not seen by the player, is the information ever removed?

Like if I walk down a road and so that part of the map is revealed, can I drive down it later without headlights as I can see the road now without actually seeing it? Or is information lost when it leaves the reality bubble. Or is the data lost in some other way affected by stats?

From what I noticed, after some random amount of time passes, the tiles you previously uncovered will be forgotten by your character. Not really sure what/if stats make the time longer/slower.

I generally have 2 problems with the current sight system:

  • First, near the cave I used to camp in my sight would be blocked by nothing. Not trees, not shrubs, just a normal tile with absolutely zero items on it. I didn’t really see other places where it happened so it might’ve been a weird glitch though.
  • Second, when driving a big vehicle at night you won’t be able to see the whole thing without a flashlight or something similar. I stole a Flatbed Truck for butchering for my deathmobile, and without a flashlight my character couldn’t even see the whole cabin. Driving like that in anything bigger than a bike is a bad idea.

I think what is probably blocking it is long grass. I noticed that too and in tiles grass does not show up at all yet. In ASCII its just a , like the other grass.

With high intelligence, good memory, and Enhanced Memory CBM you will remember more things like vehicles in the road and remember them for longer periods of time. I think with the CBM if it’s active you’ll never forget what you’ve seen.

With no memory traits you currently remember the most recently seen 400 submaps (a submap is a 12x12 square).
Theres a bug that has you remembering much more than this, as I have time I’m working on a fix but I’m currently unusually busy.
The CBM changes that 400 to 80000 iirc.

So we actually forget the map areas we have been over time?

Hmm…never lived that long I guess.