"forgetting" tiles?

I went far away from an area only to come back and have “forgotten” what the interior looked like. I understand “not seeing items” in the dark, but completely forgetting how a building looked?

Is this intentional or a bug?

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There’s only so much map memory available, so forgetting tiles after you explore for a while is intended behavior.

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Such as human, we have limits in remembering things :+1:

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Would it be feasible to scramble the memory instead of forgetting it ?
What I mean is each [amount of time] memory of tiles have a chance to be swaped with one of their neighbours so that at first things are messy but you can still decipher the type of buildings and general layout of places but the fine details are lost : you can’t drive with your light off using only your memory for example, but you still know where is the road and where are the buildings and then after enought time everything is messed up and the memory is unusable.

I prefer just forgetting it after some time instead of having nonesensical mess in my “fog of war” area. Current solution is elegant enough, I suppose.

I don’t think scrambling is a great option. It’s pretty hostile game-wise, it’s hard to implement, and it doesnt seem to align with how it works in reality.

One thing I could see would be to have levels of detail, like remembering just a few coarse distinctions, like “road”, “field”, “wall”, “floor”, “window”, “door” for a longer time than precise terrain and furniture details.