Base terrain showing through objects

It seems that once terrain is exposed the base terrain element will always show, despite it not actually being visible. Only the background terrain shows, with objects on the square not being visible. This is on latest experimental. It can be seen below where I can see the snowy grass through my car, despite it clearly blocking my vision.

I’ve noticed that, too. Guess it’s like player memory of sorts. A new feature.
Or a bug. Quite difficult to understand.

If it’s a feature then it should remember objects and stuff in their last known positions. As that isn’t happening, I can only assume it is a bug.

There was mention of a new tile memory thing, but I don’t think that is exactly how they wanted it to work.

It’s a new tile memory feature, and it was merged a bit too fast and has some bugs.

FYI you can toggle it off with the } key by default.

Feature will be fixed soon to include vehicles, traps and furniture:

Ah, that’s good to know. I noticed that I was able to see the red carpet under the tables in my mansion base, which looked weird to me.

Thanks for the mention about being able to turn it off as well, as I think I prefer how the game used to work. It just didn’t feel right, closing the curtains in my bedroom, but still being able to ‘see’ the world outside… :smiley:

either way, it’s a godsend for exploring labs

Just thought of this, this feature will make it much easier to find hidden rooms now.

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