Certain chunk of the map turned unexplored even though I had been there before

I loaded my save and noticed a huge chunk of the map I explored before was suddenly unexplored. When I went to check in there were a few anomalies like plains where the map has marked as roads etc but other than that the map is mostly the same even with the same dropped items. And all the notes I had in that part of the map are also completely gone as well as the NPCs. Specifically the hub NPCs including the intercom and the mercenary are gone. There was a bandit and another npc to the north and they are also gone. There is however a new military outpost that popped near yet there is nothing once you go there. Should I open a github issue about this? I hesitated because I don’t know how to properly recreate it and also because I have a few custom mods but the fact that I used a lab computer to reveal map before might have something to do with it. I think that was the cause as everything that was explored previously to the east of the map went completely dark. Either that or maybe the latest changes in experimental caused it.

You can see 2 radio towers right next to each other here

Yet there is no such thing once you go there

You can see the part of the map that went unexplored with that straight line between explored and unexplored portions. Those places are still shown in memory when I press x to look around and it seems mostly the same from what I remember.