Is there a mod to play without a car?

Almost all enemies become weak and minor after player finds the good car and auto welding. I want to increase difficulty level and change the car-driven playing style. Is there a mod to play without a cars? Preferably with agricultural machinery and generators but without other machines.

Or how else can you increase the difficulty level of the game (intensely, not extensively by increasing the number of zombies).

There are no mods like that that I’m aware of but you can always retrict yourself.
Maybe give this challenge a try:

You could harness animal power to pull a wooden carriage, or whatever other vehicle you want it to pull. Make (or loot) a yoke and harness, and put it the front of your vehicle. Repairing wood carts and such becomes (slightly) more inconvenient, and your vehicle is much more fragile.

You could also make ‘vehicles’ that are just generators, for charging batteries and such, and avoid building full cars and deathmobiles.

Ultimately, my suggestion is to play differently than you are used to. Avoid the things that you feel trivialize the game, experiment with new strategies.

Isn’t there a mod that changes the majority of vehicles to wreckages that you can find in the launcher? It is harder to find functional vehicles with it.

Alternatively you could try and make it as hard as possible for yourself by starting with the worst set of negative perks you can think of. As far as I know your starting perks are hard to remove and so you’re pretty much stuck with them for a while.

I’m not sure if it’s an incredible coincidence, or the author was inspired by this, but this PR was just published


It is an incredible coincidence


Thank you! Just what I need.