CDDA on Win XP?

Does anyone play on windows XP? My work computer has this OS, and the night shifts are loooong, should i expect any troubles running CDDA on this OS? (I’ll find out anyway :D)

The game worked for me on Windows XP (SP1). Some things might lag though, for example reading.

Ty. I’ll report tomorrow how well it works.
In case anyone but me is interested :slight_smile:

I play on XP (service pack 3) all the time, no problems anywhere.

XP (SP3) here too, and there are no problems or lags playing CataDDA.

But it lags a lot if you enlarge the HUD.

Strange that Samedi (the stable one) version runs alright even with 30x20 view, while experimental builds are slowed down.

So far it works fine on the XP tower here. I’d be interested in Win2K performance: planning on resurrecting an ancient machine and no need to get microsoft’s permission to do so.

Well, sometimes Cata’s computing can take quite an amount of system resources… Like last time, when I had set a hospital on fire, other than that, it runs fine. GL with win2k, now that’s archaic.

Gotta love 2K Dev version. No keys or anything. That laptop is way too old for Cata. The Celeron would not play nice. It overheats after 30 minutes anyway.

Ha ha ha…windows XP…

Hey, XPs are best… You can run almost everything on them, they’re easy to use (unlike all later versions of Windows), everything is where it should be… Oh I get it, Linux, hey.

The slowown since 0.6 in the nightlies seems to be from a utf8 thing, there’s a pull request from utunnels pending that seems to fix it.