Specification to run cdda smoothly

So far…im playing cataclysm with some lag while driving and right now im gonna buy a new laptop…what minimum specification to run cdda smoothly? Thank you

Well, the problem with vehicles in particular has to do with all the connected moving and functional parts.
It takes a lot more work on the game’s end to deal with a vehicle moving several tiles a turn rather than a horde of individual zombies with individual functions.

This doesn’t really quite help with your question, but I just wanted to explain why if anyone happens to be wondering.
I have no clue of the specifications, but just make sure it’s better than a several year old computer that was slightly above average in its day (like mine).

Quote taken from the https://cataclysmdda.org/ homepage:

System Requirements

“I regularly test the game now on a Windows netbook with a sub 2GHz single core CPU, 1GB of ram, and no graphics acceleration.” -Kevin Granade

Graphical builds run much faster with some kind of graphics acceleration. 2GB of RAM pretty much guarantees you will never have trouble with memory shortages.

However, as @redxlaser15 pointed out, there are a lot of things that play a role in lag.
Other than the listed ones, the game slows down if there are a lot of items to load/process, a lot of monsters nearby (or underground/aboveground if you have z-levels turned on) or the speed stat of your character’s too low (not the speed your driving with, but the speed shown in your characters sheet).
I’m playing on a “beast” of a desktop (64 Bit, 6 core (HTT => 12) @ 3.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM) and even I get some moments of slow processing.


I ran the game fine on my 10-year-old HP Pavilion, with a Q6600 processor (I wanna say 2.4GHz?), 3GB of RAM (DDR3), and a several-years-old, but high-end for its age GPU (it has 512MB of VRAM and only supports up to DX9). It did suffer significant slowdowns on some builds when I enabled 3D vision in some locations… I never bothered to figure out exactly what brought that about, though.