Cata dda on windows 3.1

Today i tried to launch cataclysm on windows 3.1 but this do not work, any ideas why i cant launch that game ?

…probably because you’re somehow using an OS older than most roguelikes available these days?

…It probably needs a 32 bit computer to run…

Hard to run Cataclysm without any bits, yeah. o3o

Though if you somehow got Cataclysm to run on an ancient OS, record that shit and post it on youtube.

The regular builds are 32-bit, I think at a minimum you’d need to fiddle with some compiler settings to get a 16-bit build, and I’m not at all sure it’ll be that simple.

I’ve had an opportunity to test this Pentium (that’s P1, folks) running at glorious 166 MHz, Win95 pre-installed. It had a LAN adapter, so I was able to feed it some CataDDA. 64 MB RAM seemed like enough, but I’m fairly sure that the OS wasn’t.

On yet another occasion, my old P2/WinXP test rig was tweaked to dual-boot Win98 to attempt running some old PC games. Just out of curiosity and without compiling the sources, I tried to run an official CataDDA build at that particular moment. I cannot recall whether it reported an error or not, but I’m sure it didn’t run.

Now, I know how Win95 and Win98 have different cores, and the difference is amplified when dealing with console output. That said, some old DOS games did some freaky things, going all rogue whilst causing severe faults when introduced to Win98; knowing how they ran on Win95 without a flaw. The poor console emu was later solved (open-sourced, rather) through DOSBox emulation in WinXP and newer OSs, I haven’t tried CataDDA on NT cores prior to XP (2000 and its variations).

If you’re trying to make CataDDA work through compiling it with DOS/4G I really think it wouldn’t work. You may try and work an angle with DOS/32 but don’t set your hopes up high.