My experience running 3700x (performance review)

Hello! For reference, been running experimental fine for years on a 6600k system and just recently changed to a new 3700x (x570). I was baffled at first by how slow CDDA ran for me (particularly in cites with a lot of Zs)

Internal benchmark shows 84fps on Ryzen and 86 on Intel (tho there’s a discrepancy in monitor size) but that’s beside the point. I had to turn off Z levels and skill rust to make things better. Playable, and internal benchmark shows something like 100fps on 1080p.

Tileset: MSX++DeadPeopleEdition. Nothing other then simple direct3d in B windowed works. Everything else (including software) is worse or equal.

Latest drivers (chipset and gpu, if that makes any difference) W10 - 1903 build fresh install.

No thermal troubles, no stability issues, all benchmarks real/synthetic are OK.

Also, the way core load is spaced out seems pretty strange. Jumpy I would say. Even tried disabling SMT, using process lasso, different power profiles (Ryzen based and stock windows)

Just wanted to share my experience, cause I did not find any other threads or even external sources pertaining to the topic.

FPS is irrelevant for CDDA - it is turn based. There is just a lot of things going on under the hood.

yeah, tho the values changed after I edited the settings - so I thought I should share.