Cdda Launcher wont let me install mods

Hi im back to the game and installed the latest version of the cdda launcher.

But the problem is when i try to install mods withtin the Launcher such as: StatsThroughSkillsIV
I click install but then it just cancels afterwards and shows at the bottom " Could not find Download Archive".

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you in advance
(Downloading Soundpacks works oddly enough)


I also tried reinstalling it a couple times already.

Im really confused on what to do please help :frowning:

I experience the same thing when attempting to install Stats Through Skill IV as well as a couple other mods. I thought maybe dropbox was down, but I that doesn’t appear to be the issue. You can find the link to the mod in the URL line at the bottom of the launcher mod section. Copy paste that into a browser.

So, yeah, launcher isn’t downloading mods but you can download and install them manually, easy peasy.

I don’t know why the launcher isn’t working properly, but it’s not a problem with your computer or installation, it’s an issue for me as well.

It seems like maintainer of the launcher knows about it:

Yeah i eventually did that the manual way.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: