CDDA Launcher not working on my computer past 1.3.11

Hello folks,

So I recently decided to come back to the game, last time I played was when CDDA Launcher was at the 1.3.10 version.
So I go to the github, download the latest release of the launcher and get an appcrash on launch. Windows bug detail thingy tells me this is a c0000005 Exception which apparently is linked to VC redist issues.

Alright so I check, needs VC Redist C++ 2015 Package. Can’t install that, I’ve got 2017 and apparently that prevents 2015 from being installed. My Windows 7 is also up to date with SP 1, which I’m told on the googlenets that integrates or needs 2015 (even though I don’t see it in my control panel programs list).

Right now I’m running out of options, I could try and remove VC redist 2017, then install 2015, but I’m afraid the remedy may be worse than the ailment.

Is there something I missed that you guys are aware about ? I really love that game a lot, especially with the mods that the launcher brings. I’d appreciate any input the community could provide.


I find it strange you can’t install redist from 2015 just because you have 2017 installed. These files are separate and shouldn’t stop you from downloading a different redist.

But do you even need the launcher? You can just download one of the recent experimentals manually and transfer saves if necessary.

If you need the mods, you could download them manually. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

I’ve read it somewhere that 2017 was supposed to replace 2015 and that was why it was preventing me from installing it. I get an error message stating that I have a more up to date VC redist installed, here 2017.
I could be wrong mind you and the problem could be unrelated.

Also you’re right, I could download the last exp release and get the mods manually, if I was willing to spend the time doing so, which I may end up doing at some point. However i’m going to continue look around on my own and ask for help before I admit defeat like that.

I’d be curious to see if the problem is just me or if it’s more widespread. Any of you guys having that issue?

yer vc++ or framework is likey to be corrupted

uninstall vc++ and install 2015 then 2017 on it

Just did that and it’s pretty weird

Installed 2015 first then 2017 and lo and behold, 2015 appears nowhere now.

I’ll redo it but forgo the 2017 part and see if that works. Launcher still doesn’t work as per last reboot.

Edit : No dice, I now don’t have the 2017 version and still can’t make the launcher to work.

Still getting that c0000005 APPCRASH error.

try drivereasy as it can detect issues

otherwise you may download pre compiled jenkins build here

Thanks, I’ll try that.

In the mean time, I took the plunge and downloaded the mods and an experimental build by hand.