CDDA Game Launcher (Automatic updates and more!)


The “available” builds are not catching up to the latest build (assuming you’re selecting x64 Tiles?) The builds are failing-- switch to console and you’ll see the numbers change to match.


I can’t either, it seems the builds failed for Windows x64(64bit) and OSX, or something.If you click on x86(32bit) it will allow you to update to the current build, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Edit: switching to console doesn’t seem to allow me to update, only if I click on 32 bit.


Eh… I’d rather stick with what I got rather than risk a fuck up by switching. I’ll wait till they unfuck it.


I’m gonna download the version manually, and then wait till they unfuck the x64 version.


This should be on the main page as the recommended way to download the game.


Is there any way I can make launcher leave my mod folder alone? Every time I update I have to re-install pk’s rebalance.


My guess is to make sure you have the good version of PK Rebalance, delete it from the mods tab in the launcher, then manually re-add to the mod directory. The launcher (hopefully?) should ignore it.


Keep coming up with this error…



Try installing this maybe?


I don’t install random things especially windows products, does that have the .dll that the error says I’m missing or is it just a guess?


Try reading the Infos of the program you’re downloading BEFORE you complain that something doesnt work.

Should tell you enough I believe. I even marked it for your viewing pleasure.


Imagine that, I already had it installed because ive used the launcher for years. And Like I thought it was an asinine guess instead of actual help, thank you for your rude reply though.


Where did you ever tell us that you used the Launcher before? How should we know?

You called it a random windows product thing, so you were not aware it was necessary for the launcher. With that in mind, it’s easy to assume that you never used the launcher before, and you didn’t have it installed.

It was the obvious answer. A lot of people don’t read stuff like that and complain when something isn’t working.

We have no obligation to help you. You were the one who started to be rude. Simulacrum said you should try installing the Package to which you replied ‘I don’t want to install random shit’. Your inability to read the download page of the launcher led to outright throwing away his suggestion, making an ass of yourself in the progress while someone wanted to help you.

Now, to your issue, Mr. Smartass. Your Error IS linked with the Runtime Files of Visual C++. So reinstall that stuff, as we told you.
Need proof?
There. 1 Minute of additional googling.


My apologies for not remembering what I read years ago when I originally downloaded the launcher that has been working fine until I took a two month break. So Yes a random windows thing. Which I then asked if it was actually associated with that program, and instead of an answer I got a rude reply. You can take my question as rude all you want, doesn’t bother me. Thank you for finally actually answering the question asked.

Then Don’t reply. Since you did, you obviously just wanted to be offended and play high and mighty. Congrats on getting your wish.


I haven’t been by the forums in a while. My launcher is no longer able to update the game. Something happen?


Grab a copy of the latest launcher from here:

That should fix your problem… :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


I don’t understand why, but my launcher is incredibly finicky. If I don’t manually delete the previous_version directory, update fails, complaining about a previously existing folder.
If I’m not paying full attention and start the update with one of the folders open in exploere, the update fails, complaining about a folder not being empty (I actually understand this one, windows is a terrible operating system and likes to have exclusive access to things.)

The third and most annoying error happens while backing up the previous version, WinError 145, folder isn’t empty. It happens about half the time during updates, no matter how well I prepare before hand.

Does anyone have any ideas about why this is occuring? I’ve got the most recent version, 1.3.15. It’s really getting annoying, updating used to be such a smooth streamlined thing. And it still is, except for when it isn’t.


To get around these issues, I just delete my save game (which I always have a backup of on a flash-drive anyway), and then restore the save from the recycle bin, once the update is done…

@ Miloch - No problem. Glad I could be of help… :slight_smile:


I have it set to not move saves. When it fails it’s always something in the mods folder, or the mods folder itself that’s not empty. When I don’t delete previous_version it fails everytime, saying previous_version isn’t empty. Deleting that gives me about…70%? shot at it making it through the rest of the process. If it makes it through backing up previous version, I’m usually good to go, it rarely fails after that hurdle. I’m running the game off a flash drive if that makes a difference, it didn’t used to.