Cdda-auncher.exe disappears after updating & My font size has changed

Sometimes when I update through the launcher, the “cdda-launcher.exe” is not in my “CDDA launcher” folder anymore, but it is usually in the “previous version” sub-folder within the “CDDA launcher” folder. I usually just move it from there to the main folder or copy and paste it, but does anyone know why this might be happening and have a possible fix, or do I just need to keep moving it when it happens?

Edit: I also just noticed my font looks smaller than usual, but my fonts.json has not changed. Seems to be fine on build 7353, but when I update to 7379 the font becomes a lot smaller and more spaced out.

My experimental update attempt through the launcher just failed as well (Exp 7379). Could not restore old version either. Had to wipe and re-install and now my font settings are also not working correctly. I manually backup my config and save folders before updating experimentals (due to previous issues like this). Verified the fonts.json is correct and in the right place but the game does not appear to be using it any longer. I will try reverting to an older release and see if the fonts are working again.


edit: yeah, something is different in the way fonts are being displayed. changing the font size does make a difference so it is reading the fonts.json, it is just not displaying the same way it used to.

I also reverted and the font went back to normal, so I ended up looking at the changelog and am guessing it has to do with this update
I ended up just having to increase the size again in fonts.json to get it close to what it was before, the only problem was the minimap in the bottom right was a lot larger than it was before, though I was able to resize that too through the options, but not to exactly what it was before. Hope you can(or already have) gotten yours figured out as well.

Still not sure why my cdda-launcher.exe doesn’t always get included in the main folder after updating, though.