Ingame font looks... strange

Hey, I created this account and post just for this one issue. Not once in my life have i had to spend more than 13 hours attempting to fix such a simple problem. Couldn’t find anyone else with the same issue as me so I decided to post this here, maybe you can help me out? From normal and nice unifont to this disaster.
Updating cdda was the worst mistake i have ever made.

God it just looks so damn wrong, those asymetrical pixels burn my eyes.
Please save me from this suffering.

config/fonts.json is the file through which you can configure the game fonts.

I may look like im not on the bright side, but this is one of the problems ive encountered.
I feel really dumb right now, i remember solving something like this a few years back, on a diffrent game.
Too bad i forgot how to and dont know how to do it on cdda! Cant find any files here, tried a workaround,
that didnt work aswell.
EDIT: Found a way to access these, really fucky stuff. Although i still have no luck with fixing the font

I solve it by copy the file fonts.json from a old version.
Before they change from Terminus to VecTerminus12Medium.
I think version cdda-windows-tiles-x64-2021-10-02-1841.

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There are different approaches to get this fixed.

Going with the “clean” one first…:

Once you’ve opened the fonts.json file in the config folder, either remove all the "data/font/VecTerminus12Medium.otf", from the file or replace the whole file content with this:

  "typeface": [ "data/font/unifont.ttf" ],
  "map_typeface": [ "data/font/unifont.ttf" ],
  "overmap_typeface": [ "data/font/unifont.ttf" ]

Now the “dirty” solution:

  • Open up data/font/.
  • Delete the file VecTerminus12Medium.otf.
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My saviour! Thank You! My eyes no longer bleed. Once again thank You!

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