CBMs turning off and Cloning Vehicle Parts

Active Power-generating CBMs (Metabolic Interchange, Battery System, Internal Furnace) turn off after some turns pass. Since power isn’t full there’s something else up. Those CBMs also can’t be turned off manually, despite their description saying otherwise.

You’re able to clone vehicle parts by installing a part and then immediately attempting to install it again on another section. You’ll get the debug message “Item not found”, but the part is installed anyway. I’m guessing it’s due to new coding that doesn’t update the vehicle menu until time passes.

Version code: 339e8c3

Ran into this the other day. Not sure what caused it. Thanks for reporting.


It’s still in 32fd9a4. The short-term fix suggested to me works as long as you remember to put in toggled instead of toggles. (The CBM thing.)

Yeah my bad right there, something came up and the fact that I had to fix this totally slipped my mind. I’ll make up a PR right now.

No worries on my part there. On my own I’d never have figured out to look in the bionics file. I had written that off as useless months ago. :wink: