Bugs: Solar Panels CBM and Smoke warnings

Solar Panels CBM bug:

Solar Panels CBM disappears from installed CBM’s, deactivates active CBMs

First noticed when after a game update and savegame load all CBMs became deactivated. Then I noticed that Solar Panels CBM in my trunk turned green, which was weird since it was one of the first I installed. Tried installing it again, after a save and reload the Solar Panel CBM disappears from the list, all CBMs that were active become deactivated.

Latest commit: f4ade2c

Smoke alert bug:

Wearing Power Armor helmet does not negate stepping into smoke warnings (survivor mask does). Tested with Light and Standard Power Armor helmets. Walking through smoke or toxic clouds does not affect the character, the message is just annoyance. Powering the armour makes no difference.

Latest commit: f4ade2c

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CBM solar panels were removed from the game. The weird behavior you are experiencing is the code that obsoletes removed content doing its job.

You can start a new world with the bright nights mod if you want the panels CBM back.

Thanks, didn’t know that. I may as well keep playing without them. Other players might encounter problems with disabling bionics since you can end up with Bionic Claws or Monomolecular blade wielded that you can’t remove (because the bionic is deactivated) - I had to fix those by editing savegames. Any ideas on the smoke thing?