CBM power question

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first post on my side, hope that i didnt break any rule. If so I am sorry -.-

Its my first game where my toon lives longer then a few days. I was able to installl 9 CBMs on my toon, but i do not have power. One youtuber said, that not only the power storage ones gives you a pool of power, but that other ones give you a tiny bit power too ^^.
I do have the “cable charger system” and tried to load some power out of a running car with batterie power in it.
Maybe i just do something wrong with loading ?
or maybe i am that unlucky that i do not have any CBM that adds power to your pool ?
or maybe they removed the fact, that “normal” CBMs add a litle power pool ?

thanx in advance and peace out !

If none of the CBMs you have are “Power Storage CBMs” then you cannot charge yourself. Check your @ menu for them.

if you DO have “Power Storage CBMs”, to use the cable charging system:

  1. Get Jumper Cable
  2. [a]ctivate jumper cable x1, attach to vehicle.
  3. [a]ctivate jumper cable x2, attach to self.
  4. o[p]en the CBMs menu, find the Cable Charger CBM and turn it on.
  5. Then just wait a few minutes.

If you move away from the vehicle, the cable breaks loose and you have to repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 again.

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thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:
i do not have a “Power StorageCBM”, but i hoped that i still can use some active CBMs because the youtuber (vid was maybe 3 years old ?) said, that any CBM can have a litle “storage space” that adds to the pool.
So i wonder now, if this was patched out ?
or if i am just not that lucky enought to have one of those ?

i am a bit sad, that i may have 20 CBMs but could not use any active one… untill i find the exodiis… and i havent found em yet -.-

The passive skill CBMs will never require energy to work so that’s a plus to have.

But no, any CBM that isn’t a power storage CBM does not add any storage space.

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thank you again for the quick answering :ok_hand:

Also, when you get a storage CBM and use your cable charger, be sure to remember step 4 of @AcidAntOnAMinefield’s guide: I tend to forget it again and again, when wondering why nothing happened after having read a chapter of a book (as a way of passing time while also doing something useful).

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yay xD think i will always remeber it now! thx

raiding my first hospital now in hope to find a storage cbm… sinc a few sessions i am just out for this… bcause i have a fckn cloaking device installed ! for example…
butchering does not give cbm anymore I guess…

CBMs are now restrict to certain POIs and to a faction. Butchering zombies indeed does not yield CBMs. However…

All spoilered, so be aware :slight_smile:


Broken Cyborgs in Labs can still be butchered for CBMs, I believe they are now strictly Power Storage CBMs. Do not “smash”/Pulp them, otherwise your chances for a working CBM will be severely reduced.

POIs (Places of Interest)

Science Labs, Labs, Research Facilities, Underground-Specific Labs, Trans-Coast Logistics. If I am not missing any, these are all the places where you can get CBMs


The Exodii - you can find the path to their base whenever you see a “Unusual Stone Barn” or a “crashed pod” with Exodii Workers and Quadrupeds (be at ease, they are not hostile unless you attack them), both of which have a signpost in front of them with a mission and the main base/trader’s location. Alternatively you might accidentally stumble upon the base: a 4x4 rocky castle called “Rocky Butte” (I think). It’s impossible to miss. Rubik will ask you for some Anesthetic and afterwards it will gladly install any CBMs on you, for a fee. Every 7 days, Rubik’s inventory refreshes, so new CBMs will always show up.

In regard to the last bit (Installing Bionics)

Be careful with Bionics that cost “0” for Rubik to Install: some of the bionics Rubik offers are “faulty”. The Voice Remodulator, the Bionic Nostril, the Sleep System Shutdown etc.


I believe all cyborgs can yield CBMs. This would mean that apart from the one mentioned, the other one in labs ought to be capable of yielding CBMs (i.e. both the always hostile one and the one that you now have a very small chance of knocking out for a further small chance of saving (with the latter one usually getting killed, thus producing a corpse even if you were trying to disable it)). In addition to that, I believe zombiefied quads can be butchered for CBMs as well, although things may have changed. I’ve never killed any non zombiefied quads, but I would guess they’d give you a chance for CBMs as well (either due to the PC killing them or them getting killed due to other hostiles getting into a fight with them, possibly after having been led there by a less than moral PC).

Oh crap, I got the sleep system shutdown CBM installed. I read the description, and my understanding is that it helps my PC sleep better by blocking of all senses, and it kind of forces the sleep to go the full duration: Before CBM, choosing to sleep for 9 hours will not force my PC to sleep 9 hours, they often wake up before the alarm. After the CBM, choosing to sleep for 9 hours makes my PC sleep the full 9 hours.

The reason why I had it installed was because I usually sleep in noisy places: I have a follower that suffers from schizophrenia and I often crash at the Exodii’s base for a quick rest. I was too lazy to put on earmuffs every time.

But I guess the downside is that now I risk being assassinated every time I fall asleep?

That CBM has the great upside that it definitely “helps” you in that regard, however no kind of stimuli will wake you up. Sunlight, sound, cold/heat damage, zombie gnawing on you, thunderstorm… Doesn’t matter if you have an alarm or not: you will always sleep until your character’s fatigue is completely wiped, thats what I understood - especially after I tried to do a quick 4 hour sleep, and I ended up going for 7.

I usually just use ear plugs for noisy places. And I ditch the earplugs later, as soon as I get the enhanced hearing CBM, which allows you to both enhance or completely dampen your hearing.

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I need to add some corrections here:

Yes, “all lab cyborgs” do give you CBMs - I specifically referred the Broken Cyborgs because they are the ones you shouldn’t pulp. The other variant cannot be pulped.

There must be some sort of miscommunication here: there is no such thing as Zombified Quads? Yes, there are the Zomborgs and the Zomborg devourers. And yes, they do yield CBMs upon dissection.

I would advise against killing Exodii Workers / Quadrupeds. Not only they do not drop anything worth the effort, but that also may ruin your relationship with the Exodii. Workers and Quadrupeds drop their broken bodies, which can only be disassembled, like you would with a TALON or a Turret.

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I recommend the Shooters earmuffs, for this, you can just toggle to turn hearing on or off, and they block high decibel sounds so you don’t damage your hearing from gunshots and stuff

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am back again with some questions ^^

so i did find this lab … and those 2 zomborgs outside … and after all i have like 5 or 6 cleaned mendet cbms in my inventory. i did even find an autoclave in the lab. but it is a portable one… so i guess i can build it into a mountable autoclave and install it to my car and then finally make my looted cbms steril with this ? does it work on a normal car batterie ? should i leave the motor running during the prozess ? cause in RL you would do that to not completly drain the batterie. i do have enought diesel for now :slight_smile: thanx in advance ! peace out

Autoclaves are vehicle mountable, although I don’t remember if you have to go through an intermediate stage of converting an autoclave item into an autoclave vehicle part item first. It’s also possible that you now can place an autoclave as furniture that can be connected to an appliance power grid (I haven’t played with appliances for a while, so I’m a bit out of touch).
In order to use an autoclave I believe you have to have enough power available in batteries: I’m not sure if continuous power production is sufficient. Regardless, an autoclave is using quite a lot of power, so running an engine is probably not enough, but instead you’d want one or more storage batteries in your vehicle to power it (and although an alternator ought to be capable of eventually top up batteries, I’ve never relied on that, but rather on solar panels (wind and water turbines ought to work as well, but wind turbines are rather pathetic unless placed high up)).

There are diesel generators in the game, so running an engine might work, but I haven’t tried it: hooking a diesel generator to a vehicle with one or more storage batteries would probably be a better option, if available. Again, I’ve never actually used any diesel generators I’ve found, preferring to rely on renewable options and save diesel for heavy vehicles.

thank you for the quick answer … sad thing is … i just noticed, that i need those autoclave pouch too^^… so its no cbm for me to install… just look around for those pouches … darn i rly got a few good ones i think …

-edit- sorry i was dumb Oo got it solved myself -edit-

I don’t know what you wrote originally, so I don’t know if it applies, but in general, it’s a good idea to explain what the solution to the question was (plus keeping the question, of course) rather than just a “Don’t bother, I’ve found the solution”.
Unless the original problem was exceptionally embarrassing, there’s a good chance someone else will encounter the same problem and could use the help to find a solution.

After all, you might not be the dumbest/most stressed/shortsighted/ignorant/… person out there…

okay :grin: i just didnt want to spam!
i forgot how to put the packet cbms in the autoclave … shift “d” does the trick.
again i want to say thanks to everybody that helped me. i was able to install every cbm now.
but i was in such a rush home, that i lost my installed autoclave :rofl: am repairing my car right now and i gonna check the next hospital for a new autoclave lol