All CBMs gone, how to get them back?

One of the recent build had a bug that erased CBM from the player ( the issue ), it has been fixed but now my character doesn’t have any cbm anymore.

Is there a way to get them back ? Aside from wishing the items, the anesthetic kit, debugging very high skills and using an autodoc ?

Edit them into your save using notepad++ or similar.

You can find your save in save/worldname/HexadecimalCharacterName.sav

If you have an old save, just copy/paste the lines for"my_bionics": [], "power_level":, and "max_power_level":.

If not you’ll have to manually edit them in. Reference the wiki or data/json/bionics.json for the item IDs and enter in the following format:

"my_bionics": [ { "id": "bio_purifier", "invlet": 97, "powered": false, "charge": 0 }, { "id": "bio_digestion", "invlet": 98, "powered": false, "charge": 0 }, { "id": "bio_metabolics", "invlet": 99, "powered": true, "charge": 0 }, { "id": "bio_leukocyte", "invlet": 100, "powered": true, "charge": 198 }, { "id": "bio_ethanol", "invlet": 101, "powered": false, "charge": 0 } ]

“invlet” is the character assigned to activate or inspect the cbm. Starting at 97 and increment will do the lower case alphabet.
“powered” is whether it’s currently off or on (passive cbms are false). I’d suggest setting them all to false to start.
“charge” is how many turns until it runs out or needs its maintenance dose. You can set these all to 0 also.

(I highly recommend keeping a backup of your saves folder every time you update the game if you have long-term characters!)


This can’t be understated. Back in the day it has saved many a multi-year character, and compared to the editing listed above it’s trivial to zip up a save and stuff it in a handy desktop folder.

And they’re back, perfect. Thanks for the answer, yeah I need to be more carefull with the updates and the back-ups.