CBM suggestion's

Post here your suggestions for new CBM’s that you’d like to see added in the game, i got a few myself

Stim synthesizer : an installation in one of any limbs that creates and stores injections of your choice if provided with chemicals (or supplied after making them yourself) and instantly injects them once prepared, could have a recipe in a book along with drug recipes for it

Skimmers/Roller feet : bionics in the feet that increase movement speed in the form of skimmer discs (those things from SR) or Totally cool motorized roller skate type wheels, probably would need a decent bit of power

System overload : overwork your bionics and body to provide massive boosts to stats and such in exchange for huge power costs along with pain and damage to body parts, if maintenance gets implemented then repairs would be a must

Bionic weapon : sort of a broad thing covering melee and ranged weapons involving engineering weapons to be a part of you and gain bonuses with upgrades to them, such as with a blade an attached scabbard to your arm, the ability to electrify it (much more power than Electro unit CBM), and vibrating edge. Ranged weapons gain effects such as, robo cop type holster, integrated aiming systems connected to your eyes, Rail gun CBM working with the bullets, and belt connected ammo storage in your body. would most likely be very late game.

Attack drone : flying manhack like drone that rests and charges on your body and can be ejected to combat enemies with a small weapon of your choice, CBM becomes unusable until the drone is recovered and if it is destroyed a new CBM must be found or a new drone made/repaired.

Glaive launcher : Integrated launcher in your arm that launches out glaives or other bladed weapons with significant force, increased power if its used in combination with railgun.

Fusion blaster arm upgrades : Multiple upgrades for the FBA CBM such as a hand that can be swapped out at a time cost for regaining use of your arm and performance enhancements like adding large fires created on shots or rapid fire

some of these are complex and hard to implement but i would love to see them added