CBM:Prosthetics and/or Cloned Limbs

Exactly what it says on the tin.

The CBM might have the drawback of needing repairs instead of bandages.

We already have cloned arms and legs in the laboratories, why not make it so we can stitch one onto the stump where the old one used to live if we have a sufficiently high first aid skill?

That would require the limb to be accepted by the body, if it was cloned from the player then it would work.

Not a bad idea, I’d imagine one would add an auto doc type thing to hospitals, to give a reason to raid those. I’m also planning on adding an experimental drug to labs that can regrow limbs, but puts your pain through the roof for several hours.

Hmm, or it could give you a “limb rejection” disease, and you have to keep treating it with immunosuppressant* drugs or suffer… consequences.

*this is a real thing, look it up.

Although the cloned limbs you find are ‘special’ and it would be easy to handwave them as not being rejected.

But they SHOULD have a chance of giving you mutations. :wink:

I like the idea of the auto-doc being able to attack (non-rotted) limbs and of CBM:Prosthetic though.

If you do make an auto-doc, please make it a horribly twisted affair where you sometimes ‘go under’ and come back with 4 arms and no legs or no ears or something. I’ll always be haunted by that bit on quake…

Or worse yet, having to operate it yourself. Most medical devices need a trained professional, after all.

Wouldn’t be very ‘auto’ then, would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it broken, so we would have to fix it first.