CataTweaks [ 2014-12-19 ]

Would that work with the existing code? I had some headaches setting up something similar in another PR.

Btw, I wasn’t try to hate on this mod earlier, I was just musing on general inventory management design.

Consuming from nested containers / mixed stuff in one container?

Nope, lot of code is hardcoded for looking only at first element in contents vector, and also expect that element it finds there is not another container.

Container Inventory Management is done. Or at least its first stage. I did not have enough time to test it yet, so I don’t provide link to compiled version ( you can compile it yourself though, link to branch is in first post ). I will provide link to compiled windows version tomorrow.

Feature list is in first post.

So, I tested it, and it works pretty well… except for reloading, which I didn’t want to touch originally.

It does worst case scenario, somehow finds (or rather it thinks it finds) nested ammo and then proceed to consume different item. I am now in the middle of reworking reloading. Will report back when it’s done.

Reloading and few other fixes are done. I also added ability to sew labels and notes on items made from cotton / leather / fur.

I will test it for few hours and if no serious bug crop out, I will share download link of Windows Tiles version.

Here’s the link to windows tiles build, it contains both changes from CataTweaks and CIM as described in the first post. It is based on current experimental version.


Saves should be compatible Original -> CataTweaks, it might not be best idea to try to use them back in original version though.

If you try it out, I’d appreciate any comments how the playing feels with these changes and suggestions for improvement.

The storage is the same as default so far as I can tell

If you mean by that the backpack does not work as a container, then yeah, that is not implemented in CIM. That is second stage, or separate project. As nothing is forcing the player to put stuff into containers, it can be played same way as game without the CIM.

What I found useful at start, I made myself canvas sack, put in the stuff from starting shelter when I was moving into to the town and grab it as a weapon. Once I met zombie on my way, I just dropped entire sack and took weapon.

I also made small canvas bag, labeled it med pack and stuffed drugs into it, for food I labeled canvas bag as food bag. This way, I have less cluttered inventory keys. You can do the same with ammo, I did not have weapon collection with this character yet, though, so I didn’t do that.

I still don’t quite understand how this is suppose to be working…

Can someone give a few more well explained examples?

[quote=“Bradley364, post:29, topic:7777”]I still don’t quite understand how this is suppose to be working…

Can someone give a few more well explained examples?[/quote]

I am using general term container for items, that are able to hold other items, like bottles, jugs, kegs, plastic / canvas bags. In original game, these items can always hold only 1 type of item at a time. It can be anything, if it is generated by game, but players can only fill them with liquid. There are different ways how to do it, one of them is using Advanced Inventory Management aka AIM (default shortcut ‘/’) . Container Inventory Management, aka CIM, widens player options regarding container filling. In AIM, you can now fill your containers with everything you want… well there are some logic limitations I will describe later.

Using AIM for container interaction:

  1. in one pane, you can highlight container item by using arrow keys up and down.
  2. once the container item is highlighted, you can press ‘c’ to switch that pane to show content of highlighted container
  3. you can repeat these steps to show content of nested container as well
  4. switch to other pane
  5. highlight items you want to load into the container and press ‘Enter’ or ‘m’ to move highlighted item
  6. to unselect container, you just press key for other area, while the pane is active
    or you can use ‘Backspace’ to select parent (item in which the container is) of currently selected item

It works pretty much like traditional file management programs line norton commander, salamander, free commander, etc.


  1. you cant mix different liquids in one container
  2. if your container holds liquid, it cant hold anything else
  3. if your container holds non-liquids, you cant fill it with liquid
  4. some containers can contain only small size, to simulate bottleneck
  5. you can fill container up to its storage space if it is rigid container (fixed shape)
  6. non-rigid containers, like sacks can have their maximum storage space limited by
    parent container, if it has less space

Once you have stuffed items, food for example, into container, you have two options if you want to consume it. Either pull it out of container first via AIM ( annoying way ), or use Eat command, select food container and pick what you want to eat from list of content (much better way) . Same goes for drugs and ammo.

Woot woot, gonna try it soonish!

Crashed when I had AIM open, in one pane was items on ground, the other my inventory. I had the emergency jacket highlighted then pressed c. Crashed immediately.

Would it be possible to have the ability to put things into a container from the action menu or is it strictly accessible from AIM at the moment?

Ahh, I was understanding the mod as forcing the player to micromanage putting items into containers. If it’s just an option to cut down on clutter, oh hell yes I’d love that, especially if items in containers could get their own hotkeys, so I could have a knife on “a” in one bag, and first aid kits also on “a” but in another inventory.

Damn, I thought I tested that. I will check it, thanks for reporting.

Strictly AIM right atm.

So the only way to currently access your content is through the AIM menu correct? Or did I miss something?

Depends what you mean by access. If it is comestible (food / drugs), you can just 'E’at your container and menu will appear where you can choose what to eat from it. Reloading can take ammo from containers too, and crafting should work as well.

If you want to interact directly with the item, then yes, AIM is the only way.

Updated for current experimental version and has following fixes:

[ul][li]AIM crash when 'c’ontainer non-container item fix[/li]
[li]inscribing for markers, which I broke in previous version[/li][/ul]

CDDA_CataTweaksCIM - link is in the first post

I just want to throw out there that this is a GREAT idea and exactly what I’ve been wanting in game forever. The separation between fast and slow storage, with pockets vs containers, solving item clutter issues, and generally making the game a smoother play through.

Coded properly it can open up things like toolboxes (pull it out when ya need to work on your car), ammo belts, true holster functionality, potential quickdraw/packing skills. Carrying food/water/ammo in a duffel and quickly dropping it when the fight starts, etc etc.

Also, the immersion granted by literally filling your pockets with candybars cannot be overstated.

I… I have no idea how to download this. If I click “download ZIP”, it doesn’t give me an exe. Healp

Erm… the zip file does contains exe file too. Could you be more specific? scratches head