Random derail about shields

Oh those are some gloriously derpy mods.

Also, I’m still sorely tempted to PR shields. I might need to initiate some of the stuff needed for shields, but it might be possible to add the support without going as far as implementing off-hand support.

Dooooing it, yus. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/14711

Going with the less complex solution of adding some source code additions to adapt the hackish solution to behave in a more plausible manner, rather than trying to implement the glorious clusterfuck that would be dual-wielding.

Oh wow, is that all that’s needed to implement a new flag? It’s so simple, no wonder I couldn’t figure it out! I look forward to trying this out. Ooo, and we can retire your dropbox version when this goes through, noice.

edit: I don’t see your new flag actual on an item though…

That’s part of it. There are still a few other things that might be stumbling blocks.

  • Still need the ability to actively block with it.
  • Competes with backpacks due to strapped layer.
  • Variable coverage percent per body part would be as useful to this as with many other existing items.

Yes, strapped is a problem. If only you could specify a layer per body part. This should ideally add all encumbrance to just the hand and arm, but cover torso and leg. Could use a new layer just for shields FLOAT layer or something, and it would only cover half of them since it’s in front of you. Do we have soemthing that simulates attacks from the rear? Shield’s not going to do much against the zombie hitting you in the back.

Hmm. If I knew how to add such a thing, variable layer usage maybe. As for backstabs, barring something like D&D-style “flanked by multiple opponents” I can’t think of any way to make that exist without implementing facing. :V

So many things, so few hours available in a day…

Yus. Something tells me this might become more complicated than I anticipated. @_@

And something tells me it will get the veto from Kevin anyway, mod content or not.

I’ve seen he’s death on dual wielding as a legitimate thing, but I’m curious what he’ll say to shields.

The main reason here seems to be that the other method, off-hand support, would be better for shields as well. While there’s that and the possible uses for inventory interactions it might be useful for, it’s such a complex addon that it’s been pretty much permanently on the “no one competent is available to do this” list. :V

[glow=red,2,300]“Calling all competence, come in competence!” [/glow]

I’d like to be able to do such a thing. Maybe after I learn enough to implement grabbable items…One impossible dream at a time, though. I wouldn’t even know where to start for something like off-hand support :confused:

I’d be just as bad at it, sadly. I’m lucky to manage even these workarounds without the source code catching fire. :V