Catataclysm: DDA 0.G first release candidate

Surprise! I finally got some time to wrap up the last few things before the release, so here’s the first release candidate, which will be the release if nobody reports any showstopper bugs. If you have time, load it up and give the tires a good kickin.

Edit: Reverted the new M1 build because it was breaking all the mac builds.


Just In time I was wanting to get back into this amazing game

Take over a friendly NPC upon your death, if you’ve managed to recruit any NPCs to your faction you are given an option to take over one of them in the event of your character’s death.

One of the patch note entries I’m super excited for - I know character swapping has been a debug feature for a couple years now while the mass of infrastructure work was done to decouple NPC’s from players. Has it also been properly introduced as an on-demand action? Swapping on death is a great first step, but swapping into control of the dedicated head of a strike team before setting off for a dangerous site would be even better - Some of us get really attached to our original survivor, and want to protect them :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I’m really excited for the prospects of higher lethality/dangers in the cataclysm. Decoupling death from game over really opens the options for mechanics like gunfights and top level horrors to be appropriately lethal. Dying to a lucky headshot and losing the entire save sucks, dying to a lucky headshot and swapping to the local second in command and finishing the firefight is a story you can tell, xcom style.

Edit: Aha, found it - wasn’t expecting it to be such an old PR, but looks like I’ll have to wait for experimentals to kick back up at least.

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Well, only issue I’ve experienced so far is it seems to be nigh on impossible to generate a world with included mods, without the world warning you that its unable to place all map specials, and generating the refugee center 500+ map tiles away. I wasn’t having this issue back in November, being able to consistently generate worlds with the Refugee center within a reasonable distance. Kind of a bummer to have all the narrative and NPC content scattered a weeks march off.

Extended Multitool broke upon updating.

DEBUG : invalid bionic id “bio_tools_extend”

FUNCTION : const T& generic_factory::obj(const string_id&) const [with T = bionic_data]
FILE : src/generic_factory.h
LINE : 448
VERSION : 8765d30

The Active bionics tab no longer has the Extended Multitool, and in the Passive bionics tab there is simply something titled “bad bionic”.

When can we expect G to be pushed to the launcher?

Noticing that you can’t choose some mutations/traits like Eater of the Dead when creating a character using mods like the mutant starts.
It seems to select some precursor traits instead and tells you cant select it since you selected the others.