Cataclysm++ Mod



Sounds good! Good luck and post any changes you make! It’d be sad for this mod to die.


Could you make Apophis’ 2nd ranged attack (that one which sets you on fire, leaves a fire trail, sets your adjacent tiles on fire, and deals heavy damage) as a bionic? It’d be super fun to have it (especially as a loot drop from Apophis. Killing it should feel rewarding. I can’t even get him below lightly injured even with Monomolecular Blade + Silat and 20k worth of bionic energy).
By the way, maybe Apophis could use some more ranged options for mid to short range? Right now, if you go Offensive Defense System, Active Defense System, Uncanny Dodge and Dielectric Capacitance, he’s just a big Shoggoth (with potentially fun drops).
Maybe he could be killed with explosives (but I don’t want to ruin the loot; managed to grab some of it while “fighting” Apophis) or with Time Dilation (which I’m still trying to find). Any suggestions?


Apophis has a standard bionic balster as their main weapon of choice but they get to fire it often and have lots of power for it.
You can convert the blaster CMB into a rifle if you do not want to get rid of your arm. The electricity is a standard attack used by shocker zombies and brutes but a mid-range attack might be possible to define. The loot you get from it is a lots of bionics when you butcher his corpse plus what isn’t destroyed in the fight but loot from its body is another thing that could be done.

As for a strategy, I would suggest luring it outside of the lab and fight him there to avoid damaging the loot if your intention is to loot after he is dead.


Thank you! I’ll post pics of Apophis’s dead body once he’s gone for good.


Got to say I’m loving the mod, I dropped my op old survivor in and apophis was a real challenge, more variations of these guys would be ace, it would be cool to encounter this guy out in the world (perhaps after you beat him in the lab)

Seeing these guys fighting with the regular zombies was great the world felt more alive

I do like the new cbms/bionics more of them would be great, the double flamer needs more range as anything other than diagonal will catch you in the fire.

One other concern is balance,the new presets are really powerful, it would be cool if they had some of the more negative mutations/faulty bionics to give them something to worry about.

As others have said the new bionic enemies drop way too many cbms, these guys either need to be tougher and rarer or or for them to drop less often for me having them rarer but much more powerful would be great

Keep up the good work


Thanks for the feedback!

I could make more apophis like enemies as “final” bosses but having them running around after you beat them is not possible IIRC.

A correct range for the flamethrower needs to be chect to see how it holds up.

As for the bio-weapon profession. I was thinking about their opness recently. They are OP for roleplay purposes which is why they are locked in specific scenarios. I was thinking of dropping their specific gear and just leaving generic military gear on the lab to pick up.

As for the cbm drop, I feel the monsters are already quite rare but if you wish to make a proposal, give it my way and we will see what happens!


Just drafted a mini release in both github in the onedrive link. It is a superficial rebalance that includes the removal of some required flags in the terrain files. Very small update but makes the game immersion better imo. Follow standard procedure to download this update either via onedrive or github.


I did a new update for the onedrive link. It contains more spelling checks, a retweak of th the slave fighter’s freedom scenario/npcs by random_dragon and an new series of book that I tittles the Rebuilding Civilization encyclopedia. Each book of the encyclopedia focuses on one skill and raises said skill from 0 to 10 but they are not fun books to read.

Download from the onedrive link or click the green download button on github. Still no official release on github since I am messing with NPC dialogue to see if I can tweak it properly.


Another small onedrive update. I added an item called the organic defuser set; it uses some of your health to charge it and when used purifies mutations. Download from the onedrive link or click the green download button on github.



First off, thanks for the great mod, have been playing with it from the beginning of my CDDA journey.

Question: I have been playing PK’s rebalance quite a bit too, but usually on its own. But I was thinking of using his mod with yours, using PK’s patch. I figured you would have some experience with this? What issues would I have gameplay wise that I should look out for when using both together?


Thanks for downloading and glad you enjoy it!

As for your wuestion:

Technical wise: some users have said that rumning both mods together cause load issues but I have not experienced them myself. Also the number of required buldings might be exceeded and you might have to mess with city sizes or distance or use an unlimited map.

Game play wise: Be very carful in the cities since PK mod buffs zeds and this one add failed bio-weapon that shock from a distance and regenerate, they are very rare but a challange. When early game stay away from anything this mod adds outside of cities as you wouldn’t survive until you have decent armor, weapons and skills and from my experience PK’s mod is the same.


Thanks for the tips, I haven’t had any significant errors, good to know that the special buildings thing is because of both your mods competing for limited space, I noticed in the short trial on a plane ride back from E3 (not so short, it was a 27 hour plane ride!) that death is all over the place with both your mod and PK’s mod together. The early game is insanely difficult. Every time I encounter his mobs or your special mobs, its a death sentence if I can’t run away fast enough. Even the regular zombies seem more deadly, especially if there is even ONE special zombie among them. Even the wildlife is insanely difficult, not sure which mod is responsible for those.

I have been loathing to lower the difficulty, but I think I might make the zombies run a tad bit slower and have a tad less HP. I have already lower the spawn rate from 1.5 (which I play with with just PK’s mod alone.) to 1.1 (default is 1.0) and I am just getting destroyed. You pretty much have to take advantage of every “exploit” to survive and I just don’t know every “exploit”. I watched PK’s youtube vid and learn a ton, but damn if I can play as well!

Any other suggestions to make it more manageable? What are your settings?

Have you played any Project Zomboid as well?


I personally play on mostly default settings save for zombie evolution at ten, NPCs at 10 (they can be bait for zeds), cities of 8, city distance of 5, wander and dynamic, zombie speed at 85% and zombie health at 125%. I start with a build that can both run and dispatch enemies quickly. With both mods enabled starting out in the city is pretty much a death sentence but possible if you manage to run away into a “safe” zone.

One exploit is to lure failed-bio-weapons (the normal one, not the zed versions) towards zeds if you find one so that it kills them for you, this also works with aggressive wildlife but a bio-weapon can regenerate and shock various zeds at once. Careful, they are fast! The zed-bio-weapons are a bit weaker but they are allied with the other zombies and can revive if not pulped. Both of these enemies drop lots of cbms when butchered. The best way to take down bio-weapons is like with almost any other enemy, plow through them with a vehicle!

And sorry to say but I have not played Project Zomboid.


The one drive link has been update once more. This time it includes another NPC rebalance by random_dragon and some mutagen recipes rebalance by me. Another release on github with a detailed changelog is approaching but for now download from the onedrive link or click the green download button on github.


Getting a “too many overmap specials (82 > 72)” warning with just Cata++ alone (No PK’s at all) and all the default building/location mods (except for National Guard Camp).


Last time I check, I only have 3 required buildings.
Give me a list of your mods to check their required buildings.


[quote=“Noctifer, post:596, topic:10523”]Last time I check, I only have 3 required buildings.
Give me a list of your mods to check their required buildings.[/quote]

[ "dda", "Arcana", "DinoMod", "Experimental-Z-Level", "FIC_Weapons", "Medieval_Stuff", "More_Survival_Tools", "RL_Classes", "blazemod", "Tanks", "Touhou", <--- (Doesn't have any locations at all) "boats", "craftgp", "brightnights", "crazy_cataclysm", "deoxymod", "ew_pack", "makeshift", "more_classes_scenarios", "more_locations", "necromancy", "no_npc_food", "nw_pack", "realguns", "Cata++" ]

I’m also getting a “duplicate entries in the professions array”, although that could be a different mod doing it.


First, thank you for all the work you’ve done with this fantastic mod, I adore it and never play without it.

Second, the survivor’s armored scout suit seems unable to sheath something like a butcher’s knife, which seems odd, I’m not sure why since the holster code seems to be almost exactly the same as the survivor utility belt, which can, aside from a small syntax difference and whatever multi:2 is.


Thank you for your kind word and glad you enjoy it!

As for you question, a quick comparison to other sheaths revealed no clear problems The only explanation I could have it’s that the max_volume is too high…but even then there is no minimum volume…


[quote=“Noctifer, post:599, topic:10523”]Thank you for your kind word and glad you enjoy it!

As for you question, a quick comparison to other sheaths revealed no clear problems The only explanation I could have it’s that the max_volume is too high…but even then there is no minimum volume…[/quote]

I have a vague recollection of the minimum volume defaulting to some fraction of the maximum volume instead of 0 if not specified. Don’t take my word for it though.