Cataclysm++ Mod

I have a question about the survivor holdout: What’s with the shelter kit in the center? Like, there’s a half-set up weirdo quasi-shelter kit in the middle that often gets smashed by the survivor zombie, but you can take it down to turn it into a normal shelter kit that actually works properly?

Oh that,when I was designing the building, I put that there to simulate an animal skin carpet of some sort.

What are the requirements for crafting some of the early weapons? I got the mod and whenever I open my game, it says world using unknown mod (Survivor_Mod(1)), and no crafting recipes are available.

My guess is that for the error, you may have a duplicate of the mod. Check in your mods folder for a folder named Survivor_mod(1): as for the recipes. Most of them are available through reading books. Electronic ones hold most of the recipes. The pneumatic lmg and full auto weapons recipes are learned automatically when your skill level is high enough.

Is there a reason that stuff like the survivor battery rifle require both a tool with screwdriving and a screwdriver specifically?

It requires a tool for both normal and fine screw driving. A normal screwdriver does not meet said capabilities but finding a screwdriver set will and the integrated tool-set should be enough as well.

No I mean, when you craft it. The requirements specifically require “a screwdriver” as well as “A tool with screwdriving”. Meaning you literally can’t craft it with any screw driving type tool in the game unless you specifically have “A screwdriver” as in the specific object “a screwdriver”, where just having “a tool with screwdriving” would let you craft it with anything that had screw driving quality.

An example: You can make it with a screwdriver, but if you use that screwdriver to make a toolbox, which has screwdriving quality, you can no longer make the rifle.

I see, so it needs a stand alone screwdriver. I must of messed the recipe, I will fix it as soon as I have time.

The other recipes that require screwdriving have the standalone requirement to it, too
Need a “screwdriver” or “Integrated toolset”

It should be an easy fix but I seem to misplace my usb with all my data…I will post the change when I find it or tomorrow, which ever comes first.

Fix successful, deleted all screwdrivers from recipes and changed it to tools with screw driving of one instead. I apologize for taking long.

Iunno. The pneumatic lmg doesn’t seem like a thing I’d use often. 15000 time units to reload just 100 pellets? You have to mod it to on high to the sky too unless you’re a skill ace and at 8 mechanics there’s other options. It’s a shame you can’t have a bulky ammo backpack feeding pebbles into it. Then it’d be useful for places like necropolis.

I guess 15000 is a bit too much, My idea was that it would be re loadable from an internal cylinder and that is why it would take a bit long. I guess I should lower it to 15 minutes or something.

Well it was more that I was questioning what your usage scenario for this weapon was?

To me it seems like something you spend forever and a day loading, then go out and either use it as a 100 ammo single shot rifle or blow its ammo cap in 10 shots, then toss it away because there’s no way you’re going to reload that thing. That’s assuming the gun hits anways despite the recoil and dispersion.

As to the UPS rifle, It says in the description that it can be used as a turret but I don’t see it. I’ve tried applying it like a turret, installing it on a vehicle frame, installing it on a vehicle frame with a turret chassis, etc. Don’t see any options.

The pneumatic lmg and ups rifle should be mountable on a roof. Not the crank rifle however. Let me check if something it wrong.

… huh. Not sure what changed, but I booted up to verify and suddenly I can practically mount the ups rifle anywhere. Doesn’t even need a roof.

Huh,Well I am about to finish some patch work and have tested the turrets. It should be fixed by then.

So I had actully updated the mod and the download links but not the info on the mod itself…This is why I can’t have nice things…

Update 12 ready for Download!

Is the solar firestarter supposed to not have the CHARGEDIM flag?
Also is there a CHARGEBRIGHT flag? Wouldn’t that be more applicable if so?

Also, if a flashlight has the charging off light flag, and it lights up the area, wouldn’t it charge itself? o: