Cataclysm Evil Moose Ahead [mod]


This time he did take the world. Now all that is left is… to survive.

Notes: This is a mod. A really bad mod. A joke mod! This mod has a lot of moose. And weird stuff. And mage moose. And i guess i’ll add stuff later. Even being deeply, seriously flawed and made by someone who had to learn how jsons work in 4 hours.

But well, here it is! In this mod you are against cities full of stupid, tea taking moose. You won’t survive easily. Especially if you get to face the Great Lord… he has lots of things to say, though…

I seriously think you should try it, It was made for you, forum dwellers, after all! Keep on tryin.

Throw it in mods folder, new peoples!

[spoiler=Things it has]

Not much. If you don’t want to ruin the fun, don’t read.


It has the normal evil moose, edited to make it even more evil and stupid. There is also soldier moose, that shoots, tough moose that always attacks, general moose that will be quite a pain. Most pains combined actually. And the Great Lord… i will let that for you![/spoiler]

ah [size=7pt]ha[/size] ha [size=7pt]ha[/size] ha [size=7pt]ha[/size] HA!


Yes, I like it.


top kek m8

I’m honestly a bit spooked by this. Installing now.

let me guess…
you killed lord without problems?

let me guess…
you killed lord without problems?[/quote]

Meh, Flame’s a Granade abuser user to excess, so I don’t pay much attention. Base stats above 20 indicate fundamental game-breakage and an experience that is not to be taken seriously.

I haven’t seen a moose lord yet, I just think it’s funny. And yeah, you probably shouldn’t pay much attention to my achievements because of sooper OP stats.

We need to make a challenge. The first person to kill the Great Lord with a new char will be the winner. Posting this in the challenge thread!

just to clarify: Is this mod supposed to remove all other non-animal monsters or is my game borken?

Yes, to clean up. It’s basically No Monsters + moose


Except I have never seen a moose in real life. Canada you have failed me.

I will install this mod at a point in time when I am not loopy on antihistamines! Posting I can do! Folder navigation, maybe bad idea.

Master will play thisssss

I will upgrade thisod when I get time then! Adding more references and stuff.

That’s some bad moose karma right there. Find one before one finds you… while you’re driving. D: