Cataclysm: DDA: Tiles: Part One: The port

I actually saw Tase around today!

But I don’t know what’s going on with it, which is terrible. It’s one of the things I want so, so bad.

After I finish my item rewrite (another two weeks, at least), if no one else is working on it, I might try my hand. Who knows how far I’ll actually get, though.

The new style looks /freaking awesome/.

[quote=“Deon, post:20, topic:412”]Cmon, someone? :smiley:

I can expand my old one, or work on this new cartoonish one I have in mind:


Cartoonish or not, that looks pretty steller.

Indeed, that’s pretty awesome, Deon. I like how you’re taken care of following a consistent color palette. That’s usually sadly overlooked.

hello, i’m new :slight_smile:

i’ve been working on a set this week myself, and it’s definitely leaning heavily towards the cartoony side if that’s your thing.

it’s working in-game with deon’s last pack (nice work!) for vanilla cataclysm. i’ve been adding some of the newer stuff for 1.6 as i go, including wearable weapons, boarded windows/doors and some other items. i’d say it’s about 70% done for regular cataclysm, and it’s 24x24 only.

anxiously awaiting tile support in DDA! thanks for continuing development!

Hey, I know you! You’re the guy who did the OldRPG tileset for ToME!

Enjoy Cataclysm :).

It’s great that we are going to have a few people dedicated to tileset support. Once it works we may even start an art team and support each other to make development faster and better for everyone.

I like that tileset a lot, Daftigod.

yeah it’s me soron! thanks for recognizing my stuff!

deon - thanks! i’m down with whatever i can do to help out. i’m stll working with 1.6, and waiting patiently for some super brain to figure out tile support for DDA. but, when i complete the set i will post a link for 1.6, and feel free to hack at the new config file i’m working on!

here’s the finished park set, based on your work! the player is wearing a combat helmet, utility vest, backpack, army pants, sneakers, and safety glasses. :slight_smile:

edit - sneaky zombie about to taste a sawed-off !

Now that’s neato! Have to figure out some way of getting that old variable terrain back into action. You know, so all the grass can look proper rather then kinda cluttered as they look like individual objects. I imagine it’d make forests look a bit less barren.

I have a feeling this is dead…

Im so used to ASCII between dwarf fortress and this that a tileset isn’t needed. HOWEVER, do not lose hope oh ye of little faith.

from what I have seen of the code this is one gnarly of a mother and it will be difficult to code support for a tile set.

it may be some time but a tile set is much sought after and I have faith that the dev team will get around to that when the features get flushed out.

it may not look like a sexy game right now, but it’s got it where it counts :wink:

Tase is probably just busy, don’t forget that we’re all just working on the project in our spare time here, speed isn’t really something that should be expected.

Has anybody managed to compile this for Windows yet?

I took a look at updating this to the current dev version today, and didn’t fix all the merge errors before I get fed up. Given how rapidly the codebase has changed, I’m actually wondering if it would be easier to re-implement most of this (everything but the graphical catacurses, probably), rather than trying to merge in old code and hope nothing breaks.

Alternatively, if anyone feels like merging it into what we’ve currently got, I’d likely be willing to chip in to fix any issues that come up at that point.

If the changes necessary to draw tilesets aren’t pulled into main, this’ll just never work. Nobody enjoys resolving conflicts every 2 weeks just to keep existing functionality.

Exactly why I’m thinking that we may want to start from a version that doesn’t have conflicts all over the place. Like maybe take the OpenGL curses code that was written (which hopefully is not too hard to just drop in), and then re-implement tiles from that.

And then yeah, once we have something that’s starting to work, we’d want to get it merge-worth in a timely fashion so that we don’t have to worry about constant merge conflicts.

I fully plan on pulling the changes into main, before I can do that I require them to be working.

We could also divide the feature into parts, pushing them into main one at a time. Basically, what a tileset mod needs is:

  1. String identifiers for all the various objects that could have a graphical representation, so that the tileset API can tell them apart.
  2. A few #ifdef’s in the rendering code, where if the tileset is enabled, we have to consider drawing multiple things on the same tile, rather than just a single character.
  3. Update the API to actually treat the map window separately from text windows(I have no idea how hard this is, as I’ve never done this - My pdcurses tileset implementation just kept treating everything the same)
  4. The actual openGL curses implementation, with the ability to draw sprites.

We can do 1. without caring about the others. 4. should be a simple drop-in. 2. isn’t too hard, just need to figure out how rendering works now. 3. I’ll leave to someone who knows how to do this. :slight_smile:

Hi all and good Friday evening to you.

The name’s rokomata and from the looks of it I’ll be making contributions to topics and debates from all across the forum space from this moment on.

The reason why I originally opted to jump the wagon and become a part of this stellar community is, beyond wanting to express my love for the stuff you’ve got going down here, my own effort to reach out to this community in hopes of showing support for the computer tileset project in Cataclysm:DDA.

I personally have run the now-practically-defunct fork of the computer game Cataclysm a few times now and despite Cataclysm’s more-often-than-not extremely taxing level of challenge been able to thoroughly enjoy each and every second of the darn thing! What’s worth noting though is the fact that, each time I do this, the supplemented tileset feature helps me better understand what is coming down whilst I zoom around with my avatar.

So if you guys really, truly believe that getting Cataclysm:DDA a makeover in regards to the graphics department is not the way the go this time around then I must take action now and attempt to dissuade you from insisting on these sort of convictions. As a matter of fact, I estimate that in the spectacular event that the graphics makeover thing comes true, Cataclysm:DDA will get to see an overwhelming number of videos and footage of it up on sites like YouTube and what not.

So please make it happen! I know your plates are all full and waiting on attendance but please make it happen!

So yeah I’m sorry if my words of encouragement failed to evoke any kind of uplifting or just rendered you upset. I really don’t want to sound as if I’m trying to rush things here but if I am then please pardon my erroneous presentation. Thank you.

Is it possible to convert this to Open GLES? The Pandora handheld port suffers from incredible slowdown, and I would be thankful if someone can work on this task.

Hi there. As you can see, the vast majority of those who possess the know-how to make things happen, whether it’s getting a particular piece of code ported or if it’s graphics capability that you want to see make the pipeline, are busy sorting things out on their day job.

As a result you’re gonna have to sit back and wait for the coders to make a comeback and decide to spend a portion of their leisure time trying to patch up Cataclysm’s source just like the rest of us down here. They’re not getting paid for this kind of work either as far as I’m aware of.

But still I wish you the best of luck with marketing the project you detailed in your posting. We all know Cataclysm has got potential and everyone wants to grab a bite from the present route it has taken in terms of features, value, those kind of things. Inexorably though, some features will never come through for various reasons.