Cataclysm DDA - 24 February Release. Resizable viewport!

Windows VersionFile’s been deleted
Source is available at as always


Item Listing - You can now assign a key to list all visible items, pressing it brings up a list of items, with a cursor showing where each is if you tab over it. (OzoneH3)
Item Comparing - You can now compare the stats of any two items, on the ground or in your inventory. (OzoneH3)
Beginnings of item variation, some items will have moderately variable stats. Such as damage and to-hit. Currently exists on vehicle parts. (Zpmorgan)
Container type items, such as fridges, don’t show you their contents unless you (e)xamine them. (Kevingranade)
Removing window panes is now handled via the ‘Deconstruct Terrain’ selection in the menu.
Vehicle spawns are more common, but 50% of vehicles spawned are uncompleted chassis. (Spawn stuff by Zpmorgan, Chassis by me)
Added ability to craft using water from the map. (Voker57)
Temperature effects on player, including frostbite, inability to sleep, heastroke, tons of stuff. Also undergarments, such as socks and woolend underwear, doesn’t count towards encumbrance, but provides warmth. (Shoes, some cleanup by Kevingranade)
Bleeding damage from some mobs, will be fleshed out to be per-limb. Bandages and Rags can stop bleeding. Bloody rags can be cleaned with boiling water. (Written by Oddzball, merged by Kevingranade)
View shifting commands, you can now shift your view in any direction and have it remain there, allowing you to focus on an area say, 10 tiles in front of the player, rather than the default 360 view. (Kevingranade)
Skilling up via reading now gives a message popup. (Zack Hovatter)
Graffiti can now be sprayed on the ground, spraypaint cans are found in hardware stores and some houses (Voker57)
Human flesh is now recieved from butchering humans. Carries a very large morale penalty for consumption. (Kevingranade)
Scent no longer travels perfectly through closed doors and windows. (Kevingranade)
The view area can now be resized to as large as the player wants it (BurnZeZ)
Dragged furniture now carries the items with it (OzoneH3)
Bunch of new items added to houses. (Uzername)
Save deleting fixed and improvde (Kevingranade, Oddzball)
Much better vehicle collision physics. (Zpmorgan)
Car seats function as containers (Kevingranade)
Occasional weapon misfires (Oddzball)
The usual imperial ton of bugfixes.

Probably a bunch of stuff I’m forgetting, it’s a big release folks. Behind the scenes anyway.

I am writing the Queen of England to recommend the DDA team for immediate knighthood

This deserves a woohoo.


Muheheheheh… Nice.

This update is worth making an account for :smiley:

Nice update! Good work all! :slight_smile:

dear god, this improves the game so, so SO much

Superb update! Thanks for all the hard work.

Thanks guys

Five minutes in and it already feels like a new game. Excellent work, this change has really opened up the game! I am a huge fan of the new color scheme as well.

I love how the new ‘reduced vision at night’ is basically equal to the daytime vision we had previously

Omg, I can see! I can see…a lot of zombies…

The colour scheme will take some getting used to, but seems fine. Thank you very much for the work everyone.

How convenient that my character from the previous version just died horribly :slight_smile:

You guys are ace: thanks for all the hard work.

Oh… dear! Yayyyyyyyyyy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The colour scheme, the 360 view, the new body-warmth system, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! You guys are ace programmers!

Dragged furniture now carries the items with it (OzoneH3)

I don’t see in the options how i can drag furnitures ?

[quote=“Tchey, post:16, topic:256”]

Dragged furniture now carries the items with it (OzoneH3)

I don’t see in the options how i can drag furnitures ?[/quote]

That’s in the construction menu: *f

What’s your avatar from? It’s hauntingly familiar.

Fantastic work!!!


This game is really good, very nice to see you are developping it after Whales, may be one of the best rogue like, and zombie game, and survival game i’ve played. In each category, and all together.

My avatar represents “me” and is handmade by a friend of mine.
You may have seen it somewhere else on the web as i’ve always the same name and avatar.

Wow this is a wonderful surprise! I wasn’t expecting the resizeable view to be finished so soon! and everything else on top of that too. You guys really outdid yourselves on this one, congratulations!