Cataclysm DDA - 13 January Release

Source is available at

(Kevin Granade) - Added some cocktails and mixed drinks. Lots of various tent related fixes and improvements.
(Zack Hovatter) Added option for new world, some fixes for compiling on macs and code to make NPCs to move out of the way
(Williham Totland) Added a ton of various changes.
(Origamiwolf) - Ability to reload gasoline tools using ® command,
Vegetarian changed to meat allergy to better synch up with ingame effects.
Chain Link Fences.
Gates for those fences.
Bolt cutters, used to open locked gates and cut wire from fences.
Military Outposts now have concrete walls, and the external fence is chain link with gates.
A bunch of other various fixes and minor tweaks.

Construction menu is even more broken.

What are the changes made by Mr. Totland? Anywhere one can view that?

They’re nearly all behind the scenes grammar and whatnot fixes.
They can be viewed here

Thanks for the frequent updates you guys rule!

The download link does not work, at least for me …

windows dropbox link worked for me.

Just created an account to say Thank You! Keep this awesome game alive! :slight_smile:

I mostly do minor fixes and whatnot.

For now…

Just a heads up, the DDA home page hasn’t had the downloads updated since before the 5Jan release.
Not sure if it’s because Gryph is the only one with the permissions, or if you both forgot.

And yes, I know the page text says it’s the latest stable version, but they’ve all been the same flavor of semi-stable since forever.
Assuming you do let the main page lag behind releases, I’m sure the 5Jan version qualifies as more stable than the 3Jan since it was a bugfix.

GlyphGryph’s the only one with access to edit the homepage.

And I’ve decided that giving it a day or two to discover if there are any serious game breaking bugs introduced isn’t the worst thing in the world.

But yeah, it’ll go up when I get home from work.

Yeah, I do often end up needing to do quick fix releases, so waiting a while is generally best.