Cataclysm DDA - 02 February Release

Mac build provided by our resident Mac Daddy Zack Hovatter - Unzip it, open up a terminal app and navigate to the folder, and type ./cataclysm.

Source is available at as always.

A ton of bugfixes, by our many talented people (not me) :stuck_out_tongue:

Also added picklocks, which are now used for silent entry, crowbars make some noise now. Picklocks can be used to open alarmed doors and chainlink gates too.

Also check out this thing here. Not a lot to look at right now, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

OOooh, lockpicks!

They also have a few extra amusing uses.

PM me what? Kinda away from my PC right now. On my Ipad without cataclysm.

Now I’m scared.

As long as more bugs are fixed than bugs produced I am happy.

Awesome! Thanks for uploading this - there look to be a lot of good things from the commits. I think Kevin has also done a lot to optimise sleeping/waiting load which is absolutely fantastic news!


Yay! Gonna be downloading it (as) soon (as I get to my PC).

Mmmmmmm, I like it this way. Not that this lightning system was bad, but without it we’re real fast, like original Cata. Makes trip to town less painful.

The lighting system’s still there. It’s just a tiny bit buggy on the surface now. Things like fire and torches left on the ground still cast out light at nighttime and whatnot.

It’s better this way. I dunno if lightning sys was really the cause, but previous versions were lot slower (when walking, not talking about waiting or sleeping, those were slow because of other reasons I guess). Now it’s “lightning” fast. And less trouble to notice items on the floor.

Well, after three months (or so) of inactivity on the original game’s forum, I’ve heard something about you guys continuing the work of glorious Whales, searched far and wide and eventually got here. And I must say, you did a fine job of continuing Whales’s legacy. Keep up ze gut work.

Testing testing. Where’s my tacky blue placard? :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to find any wax for candle crafting. None in beehives, none from stung zombie drops. Might not be a new bug, either.

Eating honeycomb rewards you with wax. I plan on adding some more in soon.

Lighting fix/speed up is massively appreciated, I have to say one of the reasons I stopped playing recently was due how sluggish it was at times (especially on my very modest laptop)! Great work!

Mac build added to the OP, try it out and see if it works.

So is this not save compatible with 1/20? All my items have changed :o

Saves will nearly always be incompatible, but I’ll be sure to say in the post if they are compatible.

Various subsystem rewrites may change this in the future. The very distant future.