Cataclysm DDA 0.4 Released

Windows Executable
Source is available at as always.

It took a mite longer than expected, but 0.4 proper is released. It contains a hell of a lot of bugfixes, and a decent amount of new content too.
Relevant changes are in the changelog, enjoy.


Wrong link on ye olde home page.

It be fixed.

Changelog in the file?

I think i found an unintended feature:

If you cut up a piece of leather patch you get 2 leather patches, so it seems this could be infinitely duped.

That seems like a misplaced tag or something.

I posted on the Bay12 thread but you might have missed it. Artifacts don’t seem to load/save correctly. Loading a game with an artifact converts it into a “none”.

The changelog is under “data”.

MOTD says “0.3”, is it only a small mistake, or i’ve D/L the wrong version ?
I’m on Linux and use the github deposit.

Thanks anyway, CataDDA is my favorite RL, by far !


It only took 1 2 trips to the emergency room but I fixed it!

Time to start playing.
[size=6pt]And maybe lets playing.[/size]

Laying down the goddamn LAW on FEMA camps. HELL YES.

I’ve noticed that when I pick up some items they are set to the *,^, and etc keys, but when I try to hit the key it says item not available.

I think that’s because you already have the same item in your inventory, so the stated hotkey becomes your existing hotkey.

Saves aren’t upward compatible, I guess? I’m fond of my current 0.3 character, guess I’ll just keep on playing 0.3 until he kicks the bucket.

Improved fire's ability to warm the player. Also, standing on fire and being on fire warm up the player.

Lmao. You utter bastards, I didn’t expect the changelog to make me laugh. :smiley:

Clothing can be made fitted by (a)pplying a sewing kit.
Ammunition explodes rather than burning.
Glorious Realism.

Overall, great job chaps. :slight_smile:

Map tiles can now contain up to 64 items.

Finally, my hideout won’t be cluttered.

–Uh, btw the mechanic profession doesn’t start with any kind of shoes.

Unless I’m missing something, matches don’t actually work on things in your inventory. This is somewhat bad for me, since I started as a smoker, and can’t find a lighter.

Yeah. I got this too.

I just rode out the addiction like a boss, though.

The save files currently produced are delicate arrangements that require a hermetically sealed environment to maintain their validity, I’m afraid.

We’re working on improving that, and did make some improvements in 0.4. However, that also had the side effect of making the game flat-out refuse to start if you load it with a 0.3 save folder.

So, yeah, keep playing 0.3 until that character dies, then start fresh with 0.4.

It’s a feature. All mechanics are trained to use their monkey wrench in it’s intended fashion (with their feet) and thus refrain from the use of shoes as that would impede their work.