Quivers! How and why?

Since people tend to play characters based on throwing, it can get quite cumbersome to have 5 javelins take up most of your inventory space. So my idea is simple - add Quivers.


[ul][li]First off, quivers should be either crafted from leather/fur, or found in cabins or sporting goods stores. [/li]
[li]They are worn items, and should take 0 or 1 encumbrance, but otherwise take up about 5-6 volume[/li][/ul]

How do they work?

Disclaimer: I have just the barest idea of how coding works.

For demonstration purposes, let’s assume you have a rock, a quiver, and a wooden javelin.
Rock = letter "Y"
Quiver = letter "Z"
Wooden javelin = letter “X”

The rock and wooden javelin individually take up a lot of space in your inventory, but if you put them inside a quiver, the volume of them should be removed/minimized.

So you have equipped your quiver, but how to put stuff inside it? My idea was that you use “a” on the quiver, and just like weapon attachments, you can choose your wooden javelin or rock.
Let’s assume you decided to put in your wooden javelin, you press X. You now have an equipped “Quiver+”, when you try to examine it, it should appear as -
ex. “This is a sturdy fur quiver.
It contains 1 wooden javelin.”

But wait, a wild squirrel appeared. You being you decide to strike it down. You have a quiver+, and a rock.
You press “t” to throw, and it opens up your inventory screen. You do not want to use the rock, but the Javelin in your quiver, so you press escape and it prompts - “Use items from quiver? Y/N”.

So you press “Y”, and it opens up another inventory screen with everything inside the quiver. So you select the javelin, and the aiming screen shows up, as if you were regularly throwing. After you throw your javelin, your equipped quiver goes from “Quiver+”, to just “Quiver”.

Other notes-

A few tips, at least how in my mind this could work, is that every time you choose to throw and press “Esc”, it does a check if you have a quiver equipped. If you do, the prompt for accessing it shows up, if not - then it doesn’t.

A huge problem might be the way it actually works, and how it will keep a track of the items inside it. I think this could prove an interesting challenge to the coders.

In itself, I like throwing, but I find it a huge drawback that I can only carry a few javelins, and that itself is a huge penalty.

So, your thoughts on this?

PS. - My explaining skills are the equivalent to horse ****.

Just copy the code for the coil gun, and make it only dependent on the UPS ammunition device. Replace the UPS ID with a quiver and the coilgun with a bow.

Huh. So you’d effectively be firing your Quiver. Can people use them for Archery as well as Throwing, with bows autoloading from the Quiver?

Well you probably need to tinker with this tag along with exchanging the IDs.

GUN(“65kg_bow”, “65kg bow”, 5, 800,c_yellow, WOOD, MNULL,
“archery”, AT_ARROW,6, 7, 10, 0, 0, 6, 0, 6, 0, 1, 65, “
Pooling all the bow making and archery knowledge you possess, you churn out\n
a bow of such draw weight, lesser humans would strain to match at half draw. This bow,\n
like those of ages long past, is made to killed heavily armed and armored human beings,\n
among other things…”,

I’d actually like it if the quiver was wielded instead - it would allow reloading, and would work immediately with the fire command. Wielded items still have weight, though I don’t know if their contents weight is added (only ammo I think I’ve seen take weight is shot)

Fair enough, if you Throw from the quiver. Makes it difficult to use a bow, though, and at least my first experience with quivers was in the arrow/archery context.

Maybe it could be switched to a wearable, and the reload/unload/throwing code could be checked to see if you’re wearing a quiver first? Might make more sense that way, as someone wearing a quiver would likely want to pull ammo from it instead of reload their weapon from inventory, and if we limit the quiver to javelins and crafted arrows as capacity, there wouldn’t be crossover with bolts or carved spears, which would also give incentive to use these instead. Might be a little buggy to have arrows in inventory AND quiver, but that could just be a simple priority check.