Cant sleep. Bug or feature?

Playing with one of the newer experimental builds and I seem to be being woken up by a healing infection, so yeah, bug or feature?

Feature, I think it’s supposed to stop you from accidentally going to sleep with a zombie bite and then not waking up the next day

But, well, the wound is already healing. Shouldn’t it not wake you up every 5 minutes at least?..

Pain shoots up dramatically while recovering, too. I guess that’s supposed to keep one from jumping right back to zombie hunting immediately, but I admit, the constant sleep interruptions is annoying as heck.

I’m pretty sure it’s an unintended effect. You can be doped out of your mind on opiates, with 0 pain, and still wake up every 5 minutes because of a healing infection. It only lasts six or seven hours, though, iirc, so it’s not a big deal to wait it out by reading a book, crafting, or just Waiting.