Problems with the CDDA Launcher and game itself


I’m new to the forums but I have played a bit of Cata in the past and wanted to get back into it and see what changed. I’ve seen the couple last streams that One F Jef did and I wanted to give a shot using the launcher as it is a fairly useful tool that helps with installing mods and sound packs. However I have no idea why but even when I update the game to the newest version possible it just will not start. It shows that the game process is running but the game does not start no matter how long I wait. I use Windows 7 and it is frustrating. I managed to get it running a couple of days ago and had a fairly successful character that managed to survive a couple of days and started clearing out a town by setting up a safe house in one of the houses. However after 2 a day break due to a lack of time I just can’t run the game anymore. In windows task manager it shows 3 processes running and I can’t force any of them to stop even after an hour of waiting for the game to start, the only way I can turn these off is by rebooting my PC which is frustrating beyond any thought. I like to keep the game up to date but it seems that whenever I do it it just decides to do NOTHING again :confused: And seeing as all of my previous characters died on the first day having a character with a fairly safe house in a town(albeit still with zombies) and a solid stockpile of food and drink was a nice change for me and now losing it due to the game refusing to run again is just sad :frowning:

The game starts fine, there’s clearly something wrong with your launcher. Install the mods manually and accept your launcher doesn’t work.

If you have some specific details on how to reliably reproduce this problem, please report this issue on the issue tracker for the launcher. Please report your bugs effectively.

Turns out it’s a problem I’m getting with the experimental version of the game, when running the stable one it’s running fine though I do miss a couple of the mods I used when the game run properly a couple of days ago on experimental. Guess I’ll give it a rest with playing the experimental build and wait for the next stable release to roll out having some fun with the stable release.

EDIT: Was goofing around trying to install a sound package and turns out that if I want to update the game I need to download a fresh stable release of the game, run it and then update it through the launcher to be able to run the experimental build of the game. Also making spare copies of the game are a good way of keeping your progress intact if anything goes wrong with what you are goofing about with xD