Vehicle Tanks (Liquid Storage)

I’m not exactly sure at what point this stopped working, but while in my RV, I used to be able to craft clean water at the kitchen unit’s hotplate from a couple 60L vehicle rainwater tanks, and send the clean water directly to other 60L tanks installed in the vehicle. This no longer works. Empty 60L vehicle tanks aren’t valid targets for storing water, and I also cannot choose the RV tanks when Unloading jerrycans of water or clean water from my inventory.

I vaguely remember there being something like a “Fill nearby vehicle Luxury RV” or something similar as an option when (U)nloading water a liquid container, but this is also missing <edit: only missing for water, clean water, salt water - it’s an available option for other liquids>, based on my brief experimentation.

This affects both clean water and water, but not other liquids like gasoline, diesel, various acids, and oddly, salt water <EDIT: actually salt water also doesn’t work, but saline does>- all can be poured into my vehicle tanks… just not water or clean water.

I’m on Build #7701.

I’m facing the same problem, can’t refill my vehicle tanks with water or clean water.
The message I get when I press ‘f’ and select a tank is: “You don’t have the necessary item at hand.”
I have a rubber hose and I can refill diesel and gasoline tanks just fine.

I have this problem, too. Some liquids work (cough syrup), others don’t (clean water). I just tried it again with the latest version 10 minutes ago. Same issue, unless I need to start a new game to make it work.