Cant install a ATGM Launcher on a vehicle i just took it off from :D

The title is the exact description of the problem. When trying to re-install the launcher, it tells me i need a “ATGM launcher” and i sit on a “Vehicular ATGM Launcher”, freshly unmounted and repaired.

Are you over encumbered? I am making up the numbers right now, but lets say you have 40kg lifting capability, already have about 20kg of gear and launcher weights ?50kg? (again, this is just example, could be wrong).
If you were to pick it up you would be over your limit (70>40)
You CAN lift that for a moment, but need to put it manually in your hands during instalation.

no, i am within my weight limit. At parts required it shows 1 ATGM launcher with red, while i have a freshly unmounted “Vehicular ATGM launcher” in my inventory. It seems the game does not recognize them as being the same.

Try dropping it on the ground. It seems to sometimes get confused and act like you don’t have a part when it’s in your inventory.

tried that too, no cookie .

You have the part for the “ATGM turret”, IDK why the launcher and turret parts have such similar names, or why they’re seperate parts for that matter.