What qualifies as Lifting equipment? ver .5030

Edit: You need to drop the vehicle weight down to 6 tons to use any jack. This is not correctly modeled at all.

The vehicle is a 9ton armored car, I had ‘replaced’ 2 of the broken armored wheels (of the 4… somehow it drove), in order to drive it over to a safe area.

Also the repair an armored wheel with another only took a wrench, it should also require a jack, so that is also broken.

This means there is currently no way to remove any roller drums or tires from a trailer. Short of a lot of time in dropping the weight.

There are all kinds of jacks, bottle jacks can go upwards of 40+ tons.

If I had six or eight tires, I would hardly need to even jack the vehicle as the others would hold up the vehicle fine as the deflated tire could be removed. Which would probably be the case of the roller drums. The others could easily hold it up and you could roll 1-2 off.

Tires share the weight, not 1. This is why a 2 ton jack for the average car/suv is fine. even if the SUV weights more than 2 tons. (many do)

last note: I set my Mass Units as lbs. Why do jacks display as kg? Hmmm lack of consistency there

yeah, the jacking system is kinda harsh now. i think the most you can lift is 6 tons(6,000kg/~13,000lbs) now, and that’s with a mounted boom crane.

Unless they changed the code, the mounted boom crane can lift ANY weight. Although in-game it says a weight limit, the code explicitly says the boom crane can lift anything (specifically, only weight up to 6Gg is checked, anything over doesn’t register). I’ve heard someone say you need the boom right next to you, so maybe it was a range issue.

I’ve noticed repairing a wheel doesn’t take a jack, yeah. It should.

You technically only need one good wheel I think. For a small enough vehicle, a single wheel with casters for the rest can be driven. Check the wiki.

It is weight restricted. A boom next to you doesn’t work.

I just went into the json and added like jacking 40 to them so I could make/repair my vehicles as I didn’t want to be bothered with such low limits.

The fact it requires the jack to work for the ‘full’ weight like a car lift would, is wrong. Because the jack doesn’t life the whole thing.

Yeah, I mean, even with an entirely wheel-less car, you should be able to distribute the load across multiple jacks. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.