Acquiring Clay?

I’ve been searching for clay and have gathered just about all of it that I can find in the nearby cities.

From what I’ve read there is another way to obtain clay:

[spoiler]My understanding is there is a way to extract it from the shallow water beside rivers.

I’ve tried using a stone shovel to dig into the shallows and the construction menu but there doesn’t seem to be an option to create a clay mound.[/spoiler]

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

As far as I can tell the only option I have in the * construction menu is “Extract Clay”, which requires “clay” to function.

My guess is this is similar to cutting a tree into logs, I just need to find the “tree”.

[spoiler]Is the information I’m reading about “Clay mounds” out of date, can they no longer be created?

With all the radiation hazards I’m encountering continuing the fight without a source of boiled clay is going to prove difficult. X_X

… It isn’t found on a Z-Level under the river is it? I’ve found some swimming equipment but no diving gear yet, so I’m hoping that isn’t the case.[/spoiler]

I remember using the extract clay on shallow water then having to smash the pile that was made to retrieve the actual clay items.

I think you have to find a clay tile, usually near river banks, then extract it. They did change it somewhat recently, but not sure what exactly changed.

Yea, just follow a river bank until you find a tile with a clay deposit (it’s a tile in the shallow water that can be seen right away).

Yes like others have stated here this was changed in a PR. Clay tiles were added and will spawn near rivier banks and very rare to span in other places. You can no longer just obtain them from a hidden tile in shallow water. If your world is pre-change you will need to follow the river enough to have new map generated to get the new tiles.

Short version:
Found it!

(Side note: Apparently clay tiles are removed when you harvest them so I’ll have to hunt around for another one.)

Long version:

[spoiler]Armed with this new information I began an expedition down a nearby river that runs across a large swamp area.

Which apparently is infested with ants and fungal monsters! O_O I’ll have to return when I’m better equipped with incendiary options.

After journeying long enough that my electric vehicle only had about 30% charge, I found it!

A single glorious tile of clay.

Night had fallen but I switched on a heavy flash light and went to work extracting the clay. . .

And that is when the Tank Drone unexpectedly rolled out of the darkness. X_X
(There is a wreckage field in that direction, makes me wonder if the Tank Drone was the cause of it.)

Fortunately most of its initial barrage missed so I had enough time to toss out 5 manhacks and turn off the flashlight.

The drone seemed to change its target to the manhacks and I managed to limp back to my electric car and drag my heavy rail rifle out of the trunk.

With only a few rounds of ammo left and 1 crippled manhack still hanging on somehow, I managed to finally shutdown the Tank Drone (Still not sure how I made it out of that.)

After collecting what was left of the manhacks I again set to work on extracting the clay and final obtained . . . “8” clay! XD

Although that wasn’t nearly the amount of clay I was hoping for, at least the search was suitably epic! ^_^[/spoiler]

Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

From my experiences with it, yes, you find clay and sand along rivers in single tiles. They don’t always disappear when you harvest, but they do sometimes. So I figure there is some set chance when you harvest it. Honestly, the clay deposits should be larger then this, but I figure it’s in the works.

In terms of realism, this makes very little sense to me. I grew up in the south admittedly, but there was clay everywhere thanks to the high water level and certainly around the river banks once I dug slightly deeper - and this is as a kid with a trowel being bored. It was workable enough that I put it in the sun and made crappy little pots from it.

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