Where are the best places to look for clay?

An important thing I need at this point is an proper anvil. To make an anvil, I need a crucible. To make a crucible, I need 5 lumps of clay. I found a patch clay a while back but I can’t remember in the slightest where it was, is there any particularly good places to look for some?

I’ve seen clay in patches in the forest, but also along rivers, although less frequently than sand. I made a map marker where I found the clay deposit I used for my early clay needs. Obviously too late now, but might be useful for future character.

I am usually good at marking things for future importance, and I knew I’d need clay later, but sadly I did not think of it. I know I found it in a forest, but given how much forest there is that doesn’t really narrow it down. I know where a river is so I might try and looking around there with my spider eviscerating vehicle.

If you’ve got a vehicle, I’d keep my eyes open while driving around. Also make sure you’re able to recognize it, as I think it can be difficult with some tilesets.

I’m using retrodays, I believe it looks very similar to flat grass tile (like like grown grass that slows you down) but with a more light brownish color for the dots.

I think that’s what I used first (I used whatever was the default for tilesets), and had the trouble that it wasn’t very distinct. What really bugged me, though, was that it didn’t distinguish between plants, so all red berry bushes looked the same, shrub and fern looked the same, etc.

If you have auto map-notes on, clay patches should be marked automatically, at least in stable version. They appear in forest areas near water (rivers are my go to). When you physically get to the spot and find the clay, note that the construction menu “*” has an option to make clay. You don’t actually have to use a shovel to dig pits until you get it.

That being said, if you really can’t find a patch at all for whatever reason, there is a small chance of a lump appearing while digging any pit. So if you need to, put the time in with a shovel and you should get your 6 in a day or 3.

Cataclysm Quick Tip #67 - Clay for the Crucible

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I’ll check that out later, but I already found clay almost immediately when I went by a river, and I know how to progress from there. Still might have some useful information anyway though.