Can't examine and pick up items with the 'e' key, which may take less keystrokes

Usually when I 'e’xamine a tile with items, I get a menu with an option that lets me pick up some of the items. But I don’t see that option any more after I git pull and compile the latest experimental.

Sometimes I am next to two stakcs of items and only want to pick up 1 item.

Advance inventory management takes at least 4 key strokes most of the time:

  • ‘/’ (open advanced inventory management window)
  • ‘I’ (make one tab of the window point to my inventory)
  • ‘tab’ switch to the other tab
  • ‘Number key’ (for choosing the stack)
  • a few down arrow keys (for selecting the item in the list)
  • ‘enter’ (for transferring the item)

Examine + pick up takes 4 key strokes if the stacks are not big.

  • ‘e’
  • ‘number key’ (for selecting the direction)
  • ‘a to z’ (for selecting the item that i want)
  • ‘enter’
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Picking up items through the examine menu caused numerous bugs in the past, that’s why it was removed.

Yeah I think it should be reversed.

Removing the [e]xamine/pick-up from tile is essentially a knee-jerk reaction that will be forcing people to press more buttons just for the sake of it. Recently there were changes to the way dropping items would work, which initially removed the “drop item” function for literally no reason, but then it was reversed. This hopefully gets the same treatment and we get that function back.I personally never had any issues using it, never heard of any bugs/glitches or crashes related to that particular function either nor have ever seen anyone (youtube, twitch) having issues with it as well; not in the past, nor recently. The only “issue” I can remember is that sometimes you wouldn’t be able to pick-up a specific item due to its length if the only pocket it could go into was already used by other smaller items - and this is something the players themselves can prevent by setting priorities on pick-up/storage, not really an “issue”.

Using the [g] button to pick up shows literally everything around the player and forces the opening of an entire menu window for that effect which imo is horrendous and it honestly looks clunky; so if you are standing in a place where several tiles around contain items that you neatly organised and it so happens to have food in containers (like MREs) or guns on one of those tiles, you get a ridiculous and needlessly long list to go through if you are looking for a specific item you’d easy find before otherwise.


Here’s an example of bug with pickup-through-examine-menu mechanics. And I personally had to make a rather ugly workaround to fix the bug. And I assure you, there are a lot of other bugs related to this mechanics which making picking up items from the examine menu badly compatible.

I didn’t know that one was related to the action of picking up but rather with the fact that there were no flags in place to avoid that menu being brought up despite the player initially refusing to do so to begin with. Something which I faintly remember was not originally associated with the autodocs (splinters and anaesthetic on top of the autodoc), as previously they never had items there up until a random point in time - which imo the autodoc should’ve had an attached-to-the-side counter instead of items on its tile, or even to make use of the 4 racks that spawn within the autodoc room, seeing using the autodoc makes the game scan for items within a few tiles’ range near it.

Although to reword what I said: I meant that I personally haven’t witnessed anything - well, aside that one that apparently is associated with it - I didn’t mean to imply issues didn’t exist.

I personally think this isn’t the best solution for this. Its kinda wack when you’ve played a game like this for so long. Long enough to know the key bindings like the back of your hand. Only to get the minor annoyance of having to use more keys, for what was a very simple action. All because of issues which may or may not be attributed solely to the actual menu.

I feel adding a check on things like that autodoc situation. Would’ve been a wiser choice, than just removing a part of the game. The most player were familiar with.


As I said, autodoc situation is just one example of numerous bugs related to pickup-through-examine mechanics. This mechanics wasn’t removed solely because of autodoc situation, but rather to prevent other bugs from deteriorating the game.

Anyway, now the old behavior (press dedicated pickup button → select direction) is restored. You can even rebind the default g to e to make the process resemble the old behavior even more.

I mean, the whole reason i liked the mechanic was the simplicity of it. Now its kinda just more tedious. Mainly because, if i change ‘e’ to the pickup button. Then i have to swap something over to Examine. Which would just be somewhat annoying. Considering, how long ive had the muscle memory for ‘e’ doing both actions.

But either way i guess i can just avoid the latest experimental like the plague for now lol.


Woah, that is really bad news. Imagine picking up items in stacked deathmobile through g, for me it would be 6 500L cargo spaces and 3 50L floor trunks worth of items, all carefully sorted, in one overwhelming and uncomfortable menu. Bad, bad idea, even though understandable from dev point of view.


It is kind of inconvenient even with ‘g’ available because now if something is unpickable (like something is heavier than your character can pick) then its detailed info will not be available. Earlier ‘e’ examine would give the information as well even if it was unpickable. Now we need to have the item in our inventory.

Now we need to have the item in our inventory.

No you don’t.

Two ways to solve that:
A) Use the Advanced Inventory Menu [/] and highlight the item to read its properties - which is what most people would’ve done before the change anyway, especially when surrounded by tiles full of items.

B) Go to OPTIONS > Generald > 16 | Dangerous Pickups and set it to “True.”

With option B, the [g]et item thing will only prevent you from “examining” items that are too long/volumous for you to pickup/hold.

EDIT: the disadvantage to “B” is that if you are one of those players who hoard a lot of junk and you constantly “unload” MREs and all that stuff, you will find yourself carrying more than you can physically carry and will suffer pain and stamina penalties. So tread carefully, use the Advanced Inventory Menu instead for everything.