Tables; Crafting menu upon Examining

So I have been away awhile and I cannot fathom the logic behind examining every table with items on it to que up a menu…literally every time I need to examine what is on said table.

Is there a way to turn this off? It is isn’t just an annoyance. It is hundreds of tables and counter tops with items in every building in the entire game! I’m also not asking a work around for this(use a mouse). An actual toggle to turn this off unless I am actually crafting something.

Any info would be great. Even a manual way of turn it off. Thanks in advance.

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I suggest you use get instead of examine.
There’s no way to disable this short of making them not function as workbenches.


Well that seems rather silly since its been that way for years mate. Plugging an option to not have the menu pop up every time you examine something should have been an option when the change was programmed in. The work bench function will still work even when you craft and not specify that your toon should use a table. As it does this already. So having the menu to pop up every time is a nuisance. Examine button was great for grabbing and looking at vehicles and objects all in one go without a silly menu that is not even useful when what you craft does it automatically.

Having examine menu duplicating the separate pickup function was a bad idea from the start. It causes all sorts of bugs when you try to pickup something from some examinable furniture/terrain (and vice versa too). That’s why we advice everyone to use specialized pickup function (g by default) and don’t use examine function to pick up stuff.
If you absolutely don’t like current behavior, you could rebind e to act like a pickup function (and rebind examine function to some other key).

Your throwing-“silly”-here-and-there behavior isn’t very nice, by the way.


Only to you mate. It is silly because thousands of users used the previous function for years and you just happen to disagree and disregard people that liked it that way. What is rude is making assertions everyone not making a fuss about it cannot have a difference of opinion.
Which happens a lot on this forum. To much butt hurt over having a difference of opinion. Silly isn’t a F U by the way.

It is convenient to have the key closer to the users thumb on a standard keyboard and also great for ease of examining vehicles while picking stuff up without another key bind.

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Muscle memory is not a good reason, though. What’s silly is that you used to 'g’rab items when they’re under you, but 'e’xamine them up off of shelves and tables, unless you’re standing on the table, in which case you grab them again. Half of g’s functionality was given to E for no good reason, overloading E!

One key for picking up items and one for interacting is more sensible and reduces the learning curve. Keeping it the old, weird way just because people got used to it hurts new players.


I already remapped it as you suggested mate. I didn’t state I ever used the G button. I stated I always used examine. The button convenience is not muscle memory or a mapping problem. It is a function problem as I made clear. I use 1 button to rule them all(LOTR pun intended). I can grab, examine and drive in 1 convenient go.

But thanks for the information from before and your opinions both. I’m glad the new way works for your game play style. I still think having the toggle option to have both is not a teeth pulling issue. Each their own way if it were given this option and everyone is happy.

Cheers folks.

Not only is using the grab key for picking up items unintuitive, awkward, and silly, it was also never needed or used until an unnecessary prompt was created that forced players to use it as a workaround. I don’t think table crafting is bad, in fact, I think it’s a step in the right direction, but the implementation of it is. I honestly don’t see why table crafting isn’t just automatic; with your character using the table next to them without a menu. We already have a similar function to this with the ‘crafting spot’ mechanic, so why can’t we just assign a designated crafting table? This isn’t even a matter of muscle memory, it’s literally a problem that stemmed from a poor implementation of a good idea. There shouldn’t be pearl clutching over this. If it’s a problem from two different mechanics colliding, that could be fixed without jeopardizing their purposes, in an intuitive way that subscribes to the game’s established systems already present, then why not fix it?

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It is automatic?
You need the menu for resuming crafts and similar.

then why have a menu prompt at all then? The menu lists things you can do that already have established hotkeys. Besides what I was saying earlier, doesn’t that make a menu that more redundant? That’s like opening the action menu every time you examine a table. I can’t wrap my head around it being there.

This has no established hotkey.
Additionally, it’s very very hard to find these features if there is no menu for doing this.

Besides, there’s the whole issue that examine should be for activating things, and not playing this double duty of also getting items. Perhaps that was acceptable when there was less you could do from examining, but as more has been added, it’s more important it’s a separate function from picking up items.

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I guess I can’t argue with that.