Can't clean wounds

In the absolute latest build, my character got a deep bite. It’s still blue, but I cannot clean it. I’ve tried cauterization and a first aid kit, and neither even give a message that I attempted to clean it.

Limb bug, so it’s likely not finding the bloody thing.

Update: it’s still tracking Left as both limbs. So fixing the Left fixes both, and fixing the Right fixes neither. Now to work out where that’s going wrong and fix…

Ah, seems I forgot to update that for save compatibility. I’ll get a PR up that should properly update old save files to be properly targeted.

My tests have been with new starts. :-/

(Clarifying the original report: if both my left and right limb are bleeding, using a first-aid on the left fixes both. When only the right was Deep Bitten, First Aid on it healed the HP but not the bite–didn’t even mention it.)