Possible bug: Infection Resistant Character goes 5 nights with deep bite without healing or getting infection

I got bit just after sundown of day 10. I finally found (after a lot of searching) a first aid kit just after 10am on day 16. At no point did my bite develop into an infection, or naturally heal. At that point I realised: If I had a bite I used to try to cauterize it and treat it with antibiotics, or disinfect it, depending on my medical equipment. I haven’t actually let a deep bite naturally turn into an infection for quite some time. Maybe some version broke that functionality? I definitely know that the infection used to develop within 6 hours, and I was lucky if it didn’t advance after 12 hours, so 132 hours seems unusually long with that in mind.

I haven’t used the first aid kit yet, so I still have the save game with the bitten character if anyone is interested.

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Could be a bug. But is not the purpose of Infection Resist is to stave off that very thing? 132 is a bit of a stretch. The sheer length is likely a bug, but not the effect as a whole. Perhaps also that is the luckiest role of not getting infected?

I heard a guy winning the lottery big not once but 3 times. Another guy getting struck by lightning numerous times and living. Odds are strange.

@digitCruncher Make a backup of the save, zip it up and post it. I’m not really a bug hunter but it will be really useful to someone who is.

How do I go about that? It is a zip file, so I can’t use discords upload tool, and I don’t want to share my email address with people by providing a Google Drive or OneDrive link.

If you have/ are willing to make a github account you can open an issue and upload it directly there. You can send it to kevin with a reference to this thread. (his email is displayed by the game) Or, I guess if you want, I can PM you my email and post an issue.